Chapter: 32 – this tragic online game boss (2.2)


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After he landed, he flew up by using light work and fell down on the ground.

Xie Chenyang: ” Shit.” 

 After all Wei Xiu doesn’t play the game very often so he was not proficient in it. 

It took Wei Xiu several times to stand firmly on the tree but he was still far away from Xie Chenyang. 

Xie Chenyang threw his sleeves out, wrapped them around Wei Xiu, and brought him into his arms.

 Wei Xiu frowned again: ” Let go.”

He felt that something is suspicious about this person,

Xie Chenyang retracted his sleeves and held him by his waist on the tree: “Little beauty, this deity fell in love with you at first sight, you might as well follow this deity. okay??”

Wei Xiu’s face becomes cold and he raised his hand holding the bone fan.

 Xue Chenyang grabbed his wrist and pressed his pressure point slightly,  his hands become numb, and the bone fan fell from his hands.

Xie Chenyang whistled! 

[This little idiot, I am the one who wandered through the worlds of martial arts.] 

Besides, this body is full of strength. 

You Huang: [ I think he may not like you like this.]

Xie Chenyang : [ I think no matter what I am, he will like me.] 


                        [ Because he is my lover. He just doesn’t have his memory and needs to be               awakened.] 

[ Actually, for a long time I wanted to try a taste of forcefulness and play hooligan.] 

[Then what’s the difference between you and scumbag…]

[The difference is that if he will resist and show disgust I will stop immediately. if not it means it’s just our taste is like that.]

[After all, he is my lover not someone else.]

[ Now close your eyes] 

 You Huang: “….” No one wants to see it.  

 Wei Xiu’s complexion was tense. His back was leaning in the tree and Xie Chenyang was in his front.

 Xie Chenyang leaned closed to him, letting him look at the overflowing affection in his eyes, and said: “I didn’t lie to you, I am really in love with you.”

Very soon Wei Xui defenses disappeared when he was hit with the soul-hooking pair of soft eyes that was looking at him with tenderness in them.

Xie Chenyang lowered his head and kissed him on the lips.

 Wei Xiu closed his eyes his calm heart seems to be in a whirlpool.

How is this going this way? 

Xie Chenyang was role-playing at first.  But when his lips touched his playfulness dissipated and he gradually become addicted. 

The person in front of him is his lover. 

His lover who not long ago died in front of him. Though he has no memory, but in every life, he will fall in love with me after meeting me, and stay with me for the rest of his life.

 Accompanying me through one world after another.

Xie Chenyang thought of this and his movements become more gentle with a touch of deep sorrow in them.

Wei Xiu felt that his empty heart is gradually becoming full.

After Xiang Qu received the news he went to the game used his authority to locate Wei Xiu’s location and went there directly.

 Xiang Qu who saw this scene: “….”

 He doubts that he hasn’t woken up yet. 

How else could he see his Boss who is as cold as ice was pressed on a tree and being kissed?


 Wei Xiu opened his eyes and pushed Xie Chenyang away. His breathing was a bit unstable his cold eyes are watery and his lips are red. 

  {Bear Cub: Such a  seductive cutie, Let alone Xie chenyang if it were me I would have bullied him too. sigh~`}

Xie Chenyang wiped his lips, reached out to him, and hugged him down to the tree.

 Before Wei Xiu could speak, he took the initiative to release him and stepped aside.

Xiang Qu was a little embarrassed: “Mr.Wei, I heard Yuzi say that you are looking for me …”


Wei Xiu faintly replied, totally unlike when he was in front of  Xie Chenyang. There was no extra expression on his face like it was not him who was hit by his subordinate, when being kissed by someone.

“I have brushed Qianliu Island several times and the boss I encountered were all normal, Only this one is self-conscious. I suspect that he is Xie yunyao.”

Xiang Qu looked at Xie Chenyang.

Xie Chenyang: “Actually I…”

You Huang reminded him: [He will be angry.]

[If he knows that you were teasing him at the beginning, he will be angry.]  You Huang said quietly,   [And didn’t you say that you want a fit body?  If you don’t say it now it can be regarded as being affected by boss data..]

[Otherwise, when you return to reality If Wei Xiu goes to check on you on a whim, do you want to play a dual personality again? I don’t mind acting for you.”

[Then …forget it.]

Although he wants to tease him but the thought of playing the dual personality of Hou Qi in the last world made him uneasy for a long time.

Wei Xiu said coldly: “Actually what are you?”

“Actually just now I…,” Xie Chenyang’s eyes drifted because of guilty consciousness,;” I couldn’t help myself, I didn’t mean to bully you.”

Wei Xiu raised his eyebrow: “If it is him, get the person out early. His spirit is probably affected by the boss and he doesn’t remember his true identity.”

Xie Chenyang seemed to be reminded and said fiercely; “Do you take this deity as someone else?”

You Huang: [ Still acting?]

[No, anyway I am going out soon…]

Wei Xiu glanced at him: “I am off.  You make sure to discuss it with the person in the technical department and strip his data from the boss and send him out of the game.”

Xiang Qu: “Okay.”

Xie Chenyang saw that Wei Xiu’s body began to blur, stretched out his hand, and only caught a spot of light.

Xiang Qu smiled and looked at him: “Hello, Fuying Demon Venerable.”

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