Chapter: 8 Money smells good(2)





When they came out of the styling shop, the sky was already dark. 

Jiang  Qiuyi looked at herself in the mirror next to her and chuckled, “Do you want to go shopping? ” 

Jian Xis stared at her, ” Have you not bought enough yet? ” 

Jiang Qiuyi said I a suspicious ” Um, how much was that? ” 

She recalled it and whispered: “Let’s go buy some more bags and change this outfit by the way.” 

Jian Xia: ” ….” 

Jiang Qiuyi looked at her, ” Doing hair causes clothes stinking, don’t you want to transform yours? “

Jian Xia was stunned for three seconds and said without hesitation: ” Change.” 

Jiang Qiuyi took her to a few stores that they didn’t visit in the morning. 

One of these stores is specialized in making High-end dresses for customers, including casual mini skirts. Most of them are unique and naturally very expensive.

What Jiang Qiuyi didn’t expect is that she would meet an acquaintance here,

As soon as she and Jian Xia entered the store a suspicious voice of female came from one side: ” Jiang Qiuyi? “

Jiang  Qiuyi tilted her head and looked at the owner of the voice, After seeing the woman standing not for away, she got taken aback and said, ” Xiao Xi.” 

Sun Xi stared at her directly, her eyes are loaded with the word UNBELIEVABLE.

When she first saw her, she thought she was just confused, otherwise, how could she see this styled up Jiang Qiuyi in such a high-end store. 

In her expression, Jiang Qiuyi has always been the same, Although she is beautiful, just in black, long, straight hair like a small white flower. In Lu’s family, she is like a submissive daughter-in-law. It is completely different from this self-confident woman at this moment. 

“It’s really you.” 

Sun Xi is confused: ” Why are you here?” 

Listening to her words, Jiang Qiuyi said amusedly; ” Why are you here? “

Sun Xi: ” I am shopping for clothes with my friends.”

Jiang Qiuyi glanced at other women in the store and smiled: ” Well, so am I. “

Sun Xi looked at her for a moment, then hesitated: ” Who is it for?”

Jiang Qiuyi looked at her  and asked quietly: ” What do you think?”

She ignored Sun Xi, looked at the clerk who came to serve, and asked in a low voice, ” Is there any new collection recently?”

The clerk nodded: ” Of course, Miss Jiang, Please follow me.” 

Jiang Qiuyi followed, choosing dresses casually.

” Jian Xia: ”  what do you feel of this one? ” 


Just as Jian Xia was about to speak, Sun Xi appeared out of nowhere glanced at it, and said, ” This skirt has a six-digit price.”

Jiang Qiuyi made a gentle ” Oh”,  looked at the dress twice, shook her head, and said, “it’s not special enough, let’s look at something else.”

The clerk’s eyes lit up and said: ” Ms. Jiang, there are new ones here that are more special, they won’t hit the money. They are unique.” 

Jiang Qiuyi answered with a a cool attitude: “Let’s get a look.”

Sun Xi: ” ? ” 

Looking at Jiang Qiuyi’s tone and expression, she made sure that she is not joking and asked her next,” Are you serious? ” 

Jiang Qiuyi glanced down at her,” Is there any issue? ” 

Sun Xi: ” …..”

She looked blankly at her, suddenly she couldn’t utter a word.

To talk about the problem, it is really not that big.

Jiang Qiuyi is Lu Mingcheng’s wife and with Lu Mingcheng’s worth, no matter how much she spends there will be no problem.

 But this is Jiang Qiuyi, Sun Xi had an inherent impression of her from the day he knew her. 

She is poor and knows nothing about major brands, If it were not the accident between her and Lu  Mingcheng, It is impossible for such a person to marry Lu Mingcheng.

It was precisely because of this that Lu’s family had never given her any importance, let alone regarded her as the real Mrs. Lu Mingcheng.

with such an embarrassing identity, she is actually wandering around high-end stores that have dresses of six or seven digits.

Sun Xi gawked at her back, suspecting that she was just trying to keep her risen face-up.

If Lu Mingcheng is really good to her, can she be like that before? 

The friend saw her distracted, tugged her arm, and asked: ” What are you doing? Do you know that person? ” 

” Yes,” Sun Xi paused and got up and followed them. 

Jiang Qiuyi was talking with the clerk about the skirt. Just as she was asking, Sun Xi emerged from the side took her arm, and said, ” Jiang Qiuyi, come here.” 

Jiang Qiuyi frowned, looked at her coldly: ” Is there anything you cant say here? ” 

Sun Xi paused and looked at her: ” Do you really want me to talk here? ” 

Jiang Qiuyi said: “Let’s talk about it here.” 

She took the rose-colored dress that she had just looked at and liked it very much,

Sun Xi’s eyelids twitched and said in low voice, ” Don’t fool around here, If you tried it and didn’t buy it you will lose the Lu family face by then.”

Hearing what she said, Jiang Qiuyi couldn’t help but laugh: ” How do you know that I won’t buy it? ” 

Sun Xi was taken aback and looked at her and asked: ” Are you rich?” 

Jiang Qiuyi peered at her slightly then asked: ” What do you feel? ” 

Seeing her like this, Sun Xi vaguely felt something is wrong.

Before she could understand. She heard Jiang Qiuyi speak: ” Can I check it? ” 

The clerk said enthusiastically, ” Of course, Miss Jiang please.” 

Jiang Qiuyi ignored Sun Xi again and followed the clerk to change in the cloakroom.

Sun Xi stood there in a daze, always feeling like the development of this matter has reached beyond her cognition. 

She struggled for a while, talked to her friend, and left the store to call Lu Mingcheng. 

When Sun Xi called, Lu Mingcheng was planning to leave the office.

Seeing the call, he connected it.

” Hey.”

” Brother,” Sun Xi’s passionate voice came: ” I met Jiang Qiuyi in the store.”

Sun Xi si the daughter of Lu Mingcheng’s aunt, and the cousin of Lu Mingcheng.

Lu Mingcheng said: ” Um, what? ” 

Sun Xi hesitated and said in a low voice: ” Do you know she is purchasing skirts at a high-end store?”

Lu Mingcheng: ” Talk about the key point.”

Sun Xi took a deep breath and said,” Are you going to attend any important banquet next?”

Lu Mingcheng thought for a while: ” No” 

Sun Xi blurted out,” Then why did she try Hundred of thousands of skirts in the store? ” 

Hearing her tone, Lu Mingcheng frowned slightly: “What issue is with her purchasing a skirt? ” 

Sun Xi: “,,,” 

Why does this sound familiar? 

Lu Mingcheng didn’t intend to tell her more. He took his coat from the back of the chair and said indifferently: ” Qiu Yi is my wife. She wants to buy a skirt or something else is her choice and freedom. I would never interfere.”

Sun Xi’s lips moved and suddenly she don’t know what to say.

Lu Mingcheng asked, “Is there anything else? “

Sun Xi: ” Nothing..”

After hanging up the phone, Sun Xi glanced at Jiang Qiuyi, who had changed her skirt, and muttered: ” Does she have money?”

Even if she had money, she felt that Jiang Qiuyi would never dare to buy it.


In the shop, Jiang Qiuyi looked at the rose-colored skirt on her body. 


The skirt is a V design, the skirt is not exaggerated, rose tulle with smell sequins are on it, sparkling in the dark night. 

The skirt can be worn to a party and it would not be too exaggerated to wear daily.

The most important thing is that this hue matches her skin and looks charming.

The clerk glanced at her smile and asked softly: ” What do you feel of it, Miss Jiang? ” 

 ” Not bad.” 

” That’s it .” 

She looked at Jian Xia on one side: ” Have you chosen your dress?”

Jian Xia: “The one I am wearing.”

Jian Xia chose a low-key skirt, which was not very expensive, only more than 30,000.

Jiang Qiuyi said ” Um, ” Just she was about to tale the card, Sun Xi interrupted again from the side.

She stared at Jiang Qiuyi, puckered her lips, and asked, ” Do you really wish to purchase this skirt?” 

Jiang Qiuyi: ” ….”


” Sun Xi, what do you want to do?”

Sun Xi glanced at her and replied, “Do you realize how much this skirt cost?”

Jiang Qiuyi didn’t speak yet, the clear smiled and said, ” Ms. Jiang, this skirt is a unique style of our chief inventor. The price is 320000 yuan.”

Jiang Qiuyi nodded: ” Yeah.”

She overlooked Sun Xi, took out the card from her bag, and said serenely, “Pay hers together.”



The author has something to say: 

Sun Xi:? ? ? ? The world suddenly darkened.

Qiuyi: Oh? 

President Lu: Whan will my wife finish the shopping and come home?   Will there be any gift for me? 

Qiuyi: Are you dreaming? 







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