Chapter:15 Arc-1 CFIK



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In fact, it is not complicated to understand the sentiments of the Eldest Sister Meng. 


On the one pointer, she is aged and didn’t have the boldness to divorce and begin over again. 

On the other hand, she likely doesn’t want to drag Meng Zezhi into too many hardships that He Zhenili will bring. His both sons have not yet wedded a wife, and the family has not preserved enough money. How could the He family easily let go of the jewel mountain of the Meng family under such occurrences? 


As sister Meng stated before, barefoot individuals are not afraid to wear shoes, and if He family really wants to implicate the Meng family may not be able to withstand it.


To put it bluntly, Sister Meng is trying to haggle with things peacefully.


Every person has his own fate, and Meng Zezhi is determined to not comment on this. 


As for whether Sister Meng will stand up in the future, Meng Zezhi has already prepared about it long ago.


When he has the funds in his hands, he will buy a house with multiple levels in his precursor hometown. The price won’t be that expensive. With a few million he can get that. And then each family will be assigned a level because Meng’s mother is reaching old and requires someone to take upkeep of her, Secondly, Meng’s second sister and Meng’s third brother are also observing by the side will ask for this in the future.


Looking at the thick bundle of papers on the table, Meng Zezhi extended out his hand to massage his temples and then heaved a sigh of solace.

He knew that as soon as Goldbach’s conjecture is proved, his assignment is half complete. 


He looked up at the lower right hub of the computer.

It turned out that this is only November. 

Two months have passed since he joined the laboratory.

The research progressed more than half quicker as he expected. 

Meng Zezhi thought for a while, skimmed through the draft papers, and pulled out a scrap of paper. Besides the three figures of the Variational system being painted in circles on the sheet, there are also the sieve method, circle method, and secret method. Rate Law and other words.


With the index finger of his left hand drumming the tabletop, Meng Zezhi wondered whether on not to recreate a big ticket.


As he was just considering, a cup of coffee came in front of him on the table.


Meng Zezhi bent his head and looked at it, it is Zhu Zhengqing. He put down the manuscript in his hands and expressed with a smile, “Thank You!”


Then he picked up the paper cup, blow off the water vapor above, and took a sip. The warm coffee ran through his throat. Suddenly he felt more energetic. 


“By the way, how did your experimentation go? “


Zhu Zhengqing held the coffee with his eyes bent slightly and said, “The experimentation has been done almost, the paper has been documented almost, Just publishing is left.”

“So quick!” Meng Zezhi said in surprise. 

“It’s already slow.” Zhu Zhengqing stated helplessly. 

The essence of his words is that the people in the project team are keeping him back.


“That’s it.” Meng Zezhi smiled, and just said, “That’s all right, Do you have time in the afternoon?  If you have, I will ask you to dinner then.”


“Yes.”  Zhu Zhengqing said cheerfully. 


Goldbach conjecture here, probably because he has successfully verified it with the variational method. For Meng Zezhi the calculation has now evolved easier.


On the contrary, the experiment of AIDS-specific drugs that has been going smoothly has faced a bottleneck. 

This is regarding his life, see whether he can complete the assignment successfully.

Meng Zezhi lived in the laboratory. For this reason, he intentionally cleaned up a small chamber in the laboratory with a single bed inside.  He usually takes rests on the bed, when he gets exhausted from doing the experiments.


When Zhu Zhengqing come into the laboratory, he saw such a scene. 


Meng Zezhi is spreading on the bed, like a lazy old man, covered with a bedcover and a down jacket over the quilt, and his shoes crookedly positioned under the bed. 


Zhu Zhengqing subconsciously soothed his steps. 

He walked over and crouched down beside him. 


Meng Zezhi belongs to the kind that glimpses exceptionally attractive in his present state. 


Zhu Zhengqing pursed the corner of his lips. His gaze descended on the stubble on Meng Zezhi’s chin, he couldn’t help but move his gaze up by a centimeter and fell on his lips. 


No one will learn anyway. 


This sentence exploded through Zhu Zhengqing’s mind.


His eyes sparkled slightly, obviously, he is excited. 


After wavering for a moment, as if he has constructed up his mind he with red ears and  Adam’s apple rumbling up and down, slowly leaned over and placed his lips on the corner of Meng Zezhi’s mouth.

Umm, Soft, like pudding. 


His ears are red, and with bright eyes, he slightly licked with his tongue.

Well, it tastes like. . .

At this juncture, the phone on the bedside abruptly rang. 

Meng Zezhi opened his eyes all of sudden.


Now, Zhu Zhengqing like a spooked Bird backed away in a alarm. 


Meng Zezhi got shocked for a moment. He reached out and caressed the corner of his mouth. There is still some warmth here.


He looked up at Zhu Zhengqing in incredulity.


Zhu Zhengqing has already stabilized his standing, his ears are red and the corner of his lips are pursed, there is an aura of   “I didn’t do anything”  all over his body.


But it doesn’t dissuade him from pulling the conclusion that Zhu Zhengqing likes him. 




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