Chapter:17.2 ARC-1 Cannon Fodder is King


” Secondly, ” Meng Zezhi glanced at Zhu Zhengqing:  “Your surveillance video is   DELETED but  mine is still there.” 


Zhu Zhengqing’s eyes lightened up. 

“What? ” The man in glasses muttered. 


Amidst everyone’s astonished eyes, Meng Zezhi turned and strode to his desk. Then he moved out and reached the potted plant next to the computer and then took out a pinhole camcorder. 


After the consternation, Xu Yehua as if thinking of something, looked solemn and asked: “What I am more inquisitive about is,  Why did Professor Meng plant a camera in our Laboratory? ” 


Understanding this, everyone’s expressions changed slightly, as if they had grasped Meng Zezhi’s handle and their expressions are shaken. 


“This is what I have asked explained with Professor Zhu a long time ago, and informed to the security department. it is thing before you joined the laboratory, so it is normal if you don’t learn about it.'” With that, Meng Zezhi moved out his hand and started the computer.


For public affairs, Meng Zezhi is also rational for his research results. Just like Zhu Zhengqing trusted in him, others in the project team did not believe him— Meng Zezhi can count on Zhu Zhengqing, but cannot count on others in the project team. 


So installing a confidential camera is necessary. 

Xu Yehua’s expressions are awkward.


“I stored the surveillance video in this computer.” Meng Zezhi manipulated the mouse to open Disk E   and asked while entering the password: ” How long was the evaluation period of this journal? “


The so-called check period refers to the time from submission to the issuance of the paper.


By learning the review period, combined with the time when the preliminary was completed, you can approximately calculate the time when the experimental data is robbed. and then he can copy the analogous surveillance video to them after editing.


Thinking about this, this is unacceptable for Meng Zezhi to transfer over all the surveillance videos. After all, it must have also recorded his calculation of Goldbach’s conjecture and the development of a special AIDS medicine. 


Xu Yuhua cheered up and figured out in a while: “Three or four months.”

After speaking, he couldn’t help but grimace.

Their project experiments launched three months ago, and the results came out half a month ago. The black hand behind the scenes must have the power and energy to skip the review cycle and publish the research papers in a foreign authoritative journal in just half a month. 


Meng Zezhi paused: ” I see. Please wait a while. I will extract out the surveillance video from the last half months and copy it to you.”


“Okay.” Zhu Zhengqing exhaled a sigh of relief sincerely. He knew what Meng Zezhi is worried about and turned to stare at Xu Yehua and others who looked perplexing and said, ” Let’s go outside and wait.”


Two hours later, Meng Zezhi handed the edited video to the director of the monitoring room and everyone separated. 


Only Meng Zezhi and Zhu Zhengqing were left behind in the laboratory. 


The two thought of what had happened before.

The atmosphere suddenly hushed down.

Meng Zezhi’s eyes dropped, he looked at Zhu Zhengqing who was at a a trouble, and said,” I am sorry . . .” I have not determined, give me some more time. 


Hearing those two words, the heat in Zhu Zhenqing’s heart got instantly stamped out by the oncoming cold water. 


I  just got turned down …

It’s uncomfortable. 

After the stupor, he tightened the corners of his lips and slowed down his tone: ” I am the one who should say sorry. I am sorry for creating trouble for you.”

He was flustered and simply said: ” Just that’s it, I have something to work out, so I will leave!”

After saying this, he got two steps back, turned, walked out in a frenzy, and almost stumbled over the threshold when he went out.


Seeing this scene, Meng Zezhi almost dashed over, but he immediately repressed the impulse in his heart. No way, who made him have a time bomb embedded in his body. 


In this situation, he doesn’t want to damage others. 

Meng Zezhi rubbed his face, cheered up, and returned to the computer, preparing to cut out the remaining surveillance video so that Zhu Zhengqing could use it as evidence for his appeal. 


In the next few days, Meng Zezhi never met Zhu Zhengqing again. 


However, the culprit of the theft case was caught, that is the guy who said that it would promote him to associate professor in the next year based on this project. 

He raised a sweetheart outside and his father is a good gambler. He owed many loan sharks outside. The creditor hunted him back every time for money. After receiving a sum of money from abroad, he sold the research results. 

The Beijing University assigned him directly to the police station and turned around and prosecuted the assistant Professor of American Pheasant University who stole the paper to the International  Court of Justice. The matter was blowing up and appeared on the News twice.


Because the other party was well prepared, the lawsuit was difficult for Beijing University. 

In the end, it was the editor of the magazine he bought at a big price who gave the evidence in the court and it leads to the victory.


However, all this has nothing to do with Meng Zezhi. 


He is it ill. To say whether it is serious means coughing, blood in the stool, vomit, and dizziness. It won’t be a hyperbole to say that he might die. 


Knowing that there is an onset of HIV in his body, Meng Zezhi held up the further study of Goldbach’s conjecture and spent nearly a week collating the results of the research into a paper. On this day in mid-December, he spends two full days and the hundred and thirty-page paper referred to “Annals of Mathematics” the mathematic publication.


The author note: 

Zhu Zhengqing: ” Humph, isn’t he just an old man(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻



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