Chapter:34 Arc-3 The Cold Palace’s Neighbours





“Go check.”

He instructed Grandfather Yu to take a deep look at Helian Fu, which really looked like Queen Meng.

Perhaps because of psychological effects, he thinks this child is a bit like him. 

He is not angry, if he really is his prince, It is a good thing. He is now on the road to longevity and he is currently unable to get close to female s8x. In the long run, these ministers will definitely urge him to have an heir. If the child in front of him is his son, it is a good thing. 

Helian Zheng is in a good mood, remembering that there is still a system: [ System, can you verify whether this child is my son? ]


[ Yeah host, but it cost a lot of points.]


Helian Zheng didn’t care bout the points, let the system help him verify whether Helian Fu is his son, the system of course soon determined that Helian Fu is indeed his son. 

Grandfather Yu over there also found the history of Helian Fu. 

Helian Zheng smiled on the spot and beckoned to Helian Fu, ” I am your Father emperor, You are my son and the only one.”

Ning Zhiqing looked at Helian Zheng excited look and felt a little funny in her heart. Helian Zheng couldn’t even imagine it even if he was dreaming that he wore a green hat on his own initiative. 

“What’s your name? “

” Guifei Lin and Ning called me Fuér”

” Fuér? ” Helian Zheng repeated the name, ” Then you will be called Helian Fu later, come and follow   me.”

Helian Fu cleverly and quietly followed Helian Zheng’s side, seeming to understand his life experience and his eyes looking at Helian Zheng’s appearance full of admiration and awe.

Helian Zheng couldn’t help but check the true value of the child loyalty and didn’t expect that it is so high as eighty, and he is even more satisfied with this instant son. 


Ning Zhiqing and Axin walked behind, She was a little nervous  so she carefully grabbed Axin’s hands and whispered, “Axin, my legs are soft.”


“Then you can hold me.”

Ning Zhiqing raised her lips, “Well, I am holding it.”


Ning Zhiqing glanced at Axin’s face and smiled with her head down and then looked up at Helian Zheng who is walking ahead and Helian Fu who is obediently following him and talking from time to time,  this kid is really good at climbing up the pole.


Ning Wuyuan looked at his daughter’s ruddy face, apparently, she didn’t seem to suffer much. He felt very grateful to Axin. 

Recalling that Helian Zheng is not even holding his own son now, a green grassland above him, Ning Wuyuan also felt very happy. If he was in his own study, he would have definitely laughed out loud on the spot and he wouldn’t even stop laughing at this for three days. 


It is pity that Prime Minster Meng Cheng and Mr.Lin, those loyal ministers are not here anymore. Mr.Lin must have regretted it, such a talented, gentle, and loyal minister, not even body is left behind now. And this was all caused by Helian Zheng. 

Helian Zheng has a group of  “loyal” courtiers, a talented and filial “son”, two full of   “sincerity” concubines to him, and a group of all “loyal” guards now. At first, he used to go to court once every three days but later changed it to once every ten days, and finally, he changed it to once every half a month.


He has become addicted to the way to longevity and the more he goes on the more he thinks he understood the mystery.

While the ministers were admonishing him, Helian Zheng, obviously not aware of all this. 

The system received another task at this time and unhesitantly said to Helian Zheng,  ” Host, since you have a prince now, let him help you in the court matters. You don’t have to come to see these ministers. If there are any questions, let them just ask Helian Fu.”


“Oh?” Helian Zheng narrowed his eyes, “That child is less than seven years old this year. Even though those old guys are loyal to me, they will not listen to him as he is a child.”


“Then host can use this excuse to let him learn country politics early and send someone who is loyal to you and whom you trust to follow him, isn’t it alright?    Now that host can see who is loyal to you at a glance it is easy to find such a person”


But even if Helian Zheng is addicted to longevity, He is not so easy to let go of the power. Although the other party is loyal to him, he does not think that the other party will not betray him because of the power.


” I can’t let those old guys help Fuër, the child is still young. What should I do if they guide him to the wrong path? “

Now he is on self-cultivation and longevity, he can’t get close to female s&x, getting a child is already an unexpected joy.

 ” Then we have to find a person who will check these ministers and have high status but can’t control the power? ” the system is a bit bitter, the Evil God is really too good at playing. 

” System, do you have any ideas? “

“Actually there is such an idea, ” the system answers, “The courtiers can’t be appointed the find it in the harem, I think Lin Fei is a good, very talented person. With her assisting Helian Fu, Helian Fu will definitely not be bullied. She is also sincere to the host. In the future, the host only needs to study the way of longevity. Isn’t it good to leave these trivial matters to her? With the permission of the host and the presence of Helian Fu the courtiers dared not say anything.”


Helian Zheng thought for a while and his eyes lit up. “No, Lin Fei is talented, I have heard that she is known as the first talented woman in the Capital. Lin Taifu’s death has something to do with me. It is hard to guarantee that she will not have any ideas in her heart. Let Lin Fei go, it is better to Let Ning Fei be in charge.”


System:  Kneeling to Evil God!!!


” I have heard that Ning Guifei didn’t know even a few characters. Every day she only needs to accompany Fuér to the court, supervise the ministers, sit behind the curtain and do nothing like interfering with the government, she is the perfect candidate.”


Helian Zheng glanced at the minister under his eyes and said, ” I have decided to Crown the Fuér as price and from tomorrow he will replace me in handling the Government matters.”


The courtiers looked at each other but there was no objection. They all praised the emperor’s holy spirit. They are willing to decentralize their power and deal with a child, isn’t that easy?  

“One more thing, the prince is still a child, and I am very worried about him. Tomorrow Ning Guifei will accompany the prince together.” he glanced at the people under him and sneered, ” she will just sit behind the curtain and take care of the safety of Prince, this will not be interference to the court matters.”



The ministers looked at each other,      wondering how  Helian Zheng could come up with such an idea. However when they heard that it is Ning Guifei, not Lin Fei they really didn’t care about it now.


Ning Wuyuan is a general and lived in barbarian areas, and the Concubine Ning when entered the harem she didn’t even know the two characters and made a joke out of herself. 


It seems that Helian Zheng is really worried about the prince so he let Ning Guifei look after him. Otherwise, why didn’t he let Lin Fei the first talented girl in the Capital look after him?  It can be seen that Helian Zheng is still afraid of Lin Fei’s talent and they are also afraid of her.


Because of their own calculations, Helian Zheng’s decision is not opposed by any minister. 

The moment when many people faintly communicate with each other there is still a bit of joy in them. This emperor is really obsessed with longevity, he even gives up the power. 

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