Chapter:34 – this tragic online game boss (3.2)

 “Um…” Xie Chengyan pondered for a moment and said seriously, “Maybe we have met in our past life, the past two lives, or even before that life.  So when I saw you in this life, I fell in love at first sight and cannot extricate myself.”

It’s true.

 Xie Chenyang took his hand to cover his heart: “I am serious don’t you think? There is no strangeness between us?? “

He tilted his head, looked straight into Wei Xiu’s eyes with a scorching look.

Wei Xui didn’t know if it was the look in his eyes or his hot heart, his hands shook slightly and he tried to retract them.

Xie Chenyang held his hand and said dissatisfied: “I’m talking to you.”


Wei Xiu turned his head sideways and said slightly: “Yeah.”

Xie Chenyang after hearing his response continued, “I think we have met in this life because of our love in the past few lives…”

“Enough, “Wei Xiu withdraw his hand,  ” I didn’t come to tell you this.”

Xie Chenyang: “Okay don’t tell me just do it.”

Wei Xui: “?”

Xie Chenyang smiled, leaned forward and kissed the corner of his lips: ” Axiu, You can feel it too, I am serious.”

Wei Xiu closed his eyes.

[GM Xiao Xiang: President Wei, have you met Xie Yunyao? What is he doing?  His  Data fluctuated a lot just now, but the time was too short. We haven’t studied it yet. If the duration is longer, we may be able to separate his data from Fuying’s data.]

Wei Xiu: […I got it.]

Xie Chenyang had been sitting for a long time, as he was trying to get up, he was dragged back by Wei Xiu.

” Axiu? “

Suddenly Wei Xui kissed his lips.

Xie Chenyang responded with joy.

Ahhh, My lover is so enthusiastic.

Wei Xiu’s eyes were closed and his heartbeat is getting more and more erratic.

He admit it, Xie Chenyang was right.

They didn’t know each other before, and they did;t meet each other in reality. They just met first time in the game, but he didn’t feel strange at all.

On the contrary, there is the feeling of joy.

Maybe there is no love in the previous life but love at first sight, does exist. 

Wei  Xiu clung to his lover’s neck and tried to lengthen the time.

Xie Chenyang pressed his waist and couldn’t wait to do him on the spot.

[ I think..]

You Huang said Indifferently: “No you don’t want to. They are trying to split your data from  Fuying. I am helping then. Maybe the next moment the one who kisses your lover will become Fuying.”

Xie Chenyang immediately softened.

He turned his head back slightly, indicating that he could stop.

Wei Xui hugged his neck tightly and leaned forward.

[One second before my data left, immediately pushed him away.]

You Huang: “[ Tsk..]

[ Yes—–]

[ Concentrate on Kissing.] 

About six minutes later. 

You Huang said: [ Two seconds left]

Xie Chenyang pushed Wei Xiu abruptly.

Wei Xiu stabilized himself on the ground with one hand, with a touch of disbelief on his cold face: “You…”

The next words disappeared between his lips and teeth when he saw the eyes of the person in front of him change.

Fuying stood up with dark eyes: “Do you want to die?  Mortal!! “

Wei Xiu went offline blankly.

Qixiu Game Technology Co.Ltd.

Wei Xiu walked into the technical department: “How is it going?”

Xiang Qu gave him a relaxed smile: “We successfully pulled his data out of the game. The way he accidentally entered the game now he should return t his body.”

Wei Xiu nodded coldly and walked away.

“President Wei.” Xiang Qu called to stop him,” Due to His parents …Public opinion is very unfavorable to our company and his friend wouldn’t let us visit him in the hospital.”

Wei Xiu: “Isn’t the public relations department dealing with it?” 

” Xie’s parents have passed away, His only relatives have not woken up yet, his friend would never let go of this matter. He only said that he would wait until Xie Yunyao wakes up.” Xiang Qu frowned, ” I am worried that his friend will make up with him indiscriminately about us.”

Wei Xiu didn’t speak, His whole body condensed.

Xiang Qu shrank his neck and said: ” If he remembers you, maybe…”

Wei Xiu didn’t listen to him and left.

The colleague next to Xiang Qu patted him on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs-up: “You have the guts”

Xiang Qu smiled thoughtfully.

Maybe, seeing the picture of President Wei being pressed to kiss on a tree gave him the guts.

Central hospital.

 Xie Chenyang woke up in obviously a hospital room full of disinfectant smell. 

Fortunately, it is a single room.

The nurse who opened the door was taken aback and quickly ran away. 

Soon the doctor was brought. After testing, they were surprised. 

The doctor asked curiously: “Your friend said that after you had  a car accident, Your consciousness accidentally arrived in a holographic game so that’s why you were in a vegetative state in reality.”

Xie Chenyang:[ Are you here? Take over me]

The doctor saw that he has not spoken, his brows furrowed slightly: “Do you remember what your name is? Do you feel any discomfort?” 

 After You Huang came online. 

 He looked at the doctor with a dazed and confused look: “My name is Xie Yunyao, I am just puzzled, are you kidding me, doctor? I came to the hospital because of a car accident right?   what consciousness enters the game, it’s not a novel.”

Doctor: “According to what your friend said, Your brain waves passed through our hospital equipment and ran into the network with a very small probability …”

You Huang now changed his expression from doubt to shock: “Are you serious? Is there a scientific basis for this? “

Doctor: “Of course not, we haven’t found the second case like this..”

“In fact, there is no case. My memory stopped when I was in a car accident and was brought to the hospital.”You Huang covered his head, ” Have I been in a coma in the hospital for a long time? My body..”

“48 days,” the doctor pointed to the gauze wrapped around his head, “The injuries on your body are all minors. You have recovered in a month. Only your head injury is more serious but it’s okay, In half a month the gauze can be removed.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

“Actually, Your injury shouldn’t last for long but we don’t know everything about brain problems. “Are you feeling okay?  If you can, let’s have a check.”

Hospital Parking lot.

Wei Xiu turned off the engine but did not get out of the car immediately. 

He touched a cigarette, remembered that it is a hospital, and put it back.

Is Xie Yunyao back?

Is he awake?

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