Chapter:35 this tragic online game boss(4.1)




 You Huang underwent a series of examinations and lay down on the hospital bed. 

The doctor didn’t follow him back after checkups, the nurse also left after sending him back and advising: “You take a good rest first, you can ring the bell if there is anything you need for. Okay?”


You Huang nodded obediently. 

After the nurse left, You Huang returned the control of the body to Xie Chenyang. 

You Huang: [ Why do you want me to get out for this little thing?]


Xie Chenyang cocked his legs, flickered them, and said confidently: “I was afraid that I will make them suspicious if I didn’t perform well.”


You Huang: [ What are you afraid of? Xie Yunyao is a relatively well-behaved and sensible child. Whether at home or in the company, he is a good boy. Understand? “


Xie Chenyang: “Good boy…”



You Huang: [ You have flirty eyes, it seems like you are flirting with others when you look at them .]


Xie Chenyang said with dissatisfaction: “What’s wrong with my eyes?   I am born as it is and  don’t look at my gentle eyes, in fact, I am very fierce!!”


[I can see it,] You Huang sighed, [ when you beat someone because of anger, there should be tyranny in your eyes, but your eyes are always tender as if you are flirting.”


Xie Chenyang patted the bed angrily: ” You are insulting me!”


You Huang chuckled lightly. 

Is he laughing at me? 

Is he laughing? 


Xie Chenyang sullelny said: “Ahunag, you have changed. You used to be very good to me.  But now you have learned to ridicule me.”


You Huang said gently: [ What are you talking about, How could I ridicule you?  I am just telling you the biggest difference between you and the original body so as you can not be seen through.”


Xie Chenyang: “Really? “


[ Yeah.]

Xie Chenyang wanted to ask again but the door of the room was knocked. 




The moment the door opened, Xie Chenyang become very excited. 


[It’s my love, he is here, he is here.]


You Huang: [I know that it’s your love, your lover.]


Wei Xiu’s all hidden anxiety got relieved when he saw Xie Chenyang’s fiery gaze looking at him and he put the fruit basket in his hand on the bedside table: “Recognize me? “

The game is really distorted to the end. 

Compared with in the game, Wei Xiu’s voice, in reality, is colder. 


Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand to hold his hands: ” Axiu.”


Wei Xiu’s hands are a bit cold, unlike him, Xie Chenyang’s hands are very warm.


Wei Xiu didn’t pull his hands, just sat down beside him: “How is your body?”


“I feel good, I went through checkups just now and the result hasn’t come out yet,” Xie Chenyang lay on his side and looked at him, “I saw you bought an orange. Is it sour or sweet? “


Wei Xiu hesitated  “Sweet, I think? “


“You help me peel one and try it. I want sweet, not sour.”


Wei Xiu withdraw his hands, picked up an orange from the basket, and began to peel it. 


You Huang said quietly, [He will taste it or you will taste it? ]


[Of course, it is him. What if I taste sour?]


You Huang: [What if he doesn’t like sour?] 


Xie Chenyang struggled for a moment.


[ Would you like to try it now?]


You Huang ; [ I try them?]


At this moment, the door was knocked again. 


But this time the people outside the door opened the door without waiting for his response.


You Huang: [ Its Dinghe]


Xie Chenyang suddenly became violent, his hands are itcy to beat him.


You Huang: [ Take it easy, this is hospital]


[ Isn’t it good? He can get treated if something got broken in him]


Dinghe saw a person sitting next to the bed and smiled gently after a pause: “Yunyao, I heard that you woke up so I rushed over. I am relieved to see that you are okay.”


Xie Chenyang looked very impatient: “Who are you? ‘” 


“You don’t recognize me? ” Dinghe got taken aback, and a bad premonition arose in his heart, “I am Dinghe, we are lovers, don’t be kidding, I will be worried.”


Hearing this, Wei Xiu’s hand peeling the orange clenched and his finger sank into the pulp of the orange. 


He threw the orange in his hand expressionlessly, took out a tissue to wipe his hands, picked up another orange, and began to peel it.


Xie Chenyang looked at Wei Xiu and said sincerely: “I really don’t know him, you are my only lover, and he is fabricating things .”

Because this is true, his eyes are very sincere. 


Wei Xiu responded indifferently.


Dinghe whole person is not well. 


After returning to reality, he found Xie’s father and Xie’s mother according to the address provided by Xie Yunyao. He also inquired from them that Xie Yunyao did not fall in love at all. Where did this lover come from?


Dinghe walked to the bed: “Yunyao don’t be like this, I know you are very angry and sad, I have made you wait for a long time, but don’t hurt my heart with such words…”


“Sad? “


Xie Chenyang jumped up from bed abruptly and went to the floor barefoot. He punched him and looked at him contemptuously.


“Just because of you I will be sad? Are you even worthy? “


Dinghe stretched his hand to cover his jaw, looking at him as if he is a monster.


Xie Chenyang wanted to punch him again but Wei Xiu who suddenly got up hugged his waist.

Wei Xiu hugged him to the bed expressionlessly: “The ground is cold and dirty.”


Xie Chenyang: “…” Oh, he is barefoot.

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