Chapter:36.1 ARC-3 The Cold Palace’s Neighbours


 “Lady . . Concubine Lin. . .” The eunuch was pale and panicked and hurried over and knelt down on the ground. “No, Ma’am the emperor he. . .”


Ning Zhiqing looked at Axin and asked nervously, “What happed to the emperor? “


“Nobel Imperial Mistress. Please make over there.” The eunuch is clearly startled. He sweated a lot and with shivering lips, flashing back what he has just seen, he doesn’t know how to explain all that. 


Grandpa Yu asked him to inform the concubine hurriedly that the emperor has an accident and that it is only Concubine who could rule over the overall situation?  


“Okay, this Concubine will come and confirm with Lin Fei.”


Ning Zhiqing seized Axin’s hand and held it tightly and said to her, ” Lin Fei, let’s go check it out, don’t know what  befell the emperor.” 



If Axin ignored her raising lips that formed a smile, her tone and words showed her caring for Helian  Zheng.


Axin bobbed her head, Ning  Zhiqing took her to the Mansion of Helian Zheng as hastily as possible. 



Although the eunuch’s legs were soft as jelly, he quickly climbed up and followed them.


Axin and Ning Zhiqing got also a little surprised by what they saw in the palace of Helian Zheng. Helian Zheng is lying on the dragon settee with a pained face, his eyes wide open, and wanted to say a thing but don’t know why he couldn’t say anything. 


 Bai Xi is kneeling beside the dragon settee, with a cloak dangling above and lewd pants below. Her slim face was pale and panicked, eyes quivering with tears. 


Seeing Ning Zhiqing and Axin coming, she hurriedly said, ” The Concubine has no idea what’s going on. The concubine just hadn’t beheld the emperor in a while, so she couldn’t help herself but come here. I don’t know what happed, the emperor just took the concubine on the dragon settee. Not long after, the concubine only heard a shout from the emperor. The Emperor demurred the concubine out of the dragon couch in wrathfulness, and the concubine fell down in shock.”


Bai Xi cried and explained that there was indeed a bruise on her waistline, which appeared to be because of a kick. 


She bowed her head and wiped her tears, ignoring the embarrassment of her body, and anxiously shouted, ” Is the physician coming? “


Helian Zheng, who is lying on the Dragon settee, couldn’t say a word. His body couldn’t move and his mind is madly calling the subsistence of the system. 


Unfortunately, no matter how many times he roared, the system didn’t react. 

Hearing Bai Xi’s miserable statement and explanation of what happened before, he wished to hope up and break the woman’s neck with a kick. 


“Is the emperor unwell? “


Ning Zhiqing’s eyes are antsy and she hurriedly came to the Dragon settee and saw Helian Zheng only bewilderingly opened eyes, with wrathfulness and unwillingness gleaming in it, and her heart bloomed. 



Helian Zheng wouldn’t have fantasized he would be rooted out by his darling palace concubine. 


Yu Guang glanced at Bai Xi, who looked like a little innocent rabbit, his lips pursed. Xi Fei is not an innocent person. She has the capability to slip into Helian Zheng’s room and also make him touch. Most importantly how can she make Helian Zheng paralyze? Xie Fei is a menacing person.


He suddenly saw Xi Fei curling her lips and her eyebrows. If such a person isn’t thrown out now, how could Concubine Xin deal with her in the future.? 


“Emperor, Tai Chi is coming soon. Don’t be stressed, Tai Chi will treat you. ” 


Helian Zheng gawked at Ning Zhiqing, wanting to see the trueness of her expression, and finally determined that Ning Zhiqing should really concerned about him and his heartstring got slightly relaxed. 


Bai Xi bi*ch hurt him. Didn’t expect Ning Zhiqing to be single-minded to him?  When he is okay, he will kill the bi*ch.  As for the one heated person like Ning Guifei, He will give her the title of queen. As long as she continues being subservient like this, he will not dislike giving her more benefits. 


Not long after, Grandpa Yu led the doctor, Ning Zhiqing gave the way, and the worries on her face have not disappeared yet.


 Like her, He Lianfu came long ago. He was anxious and looked at Helian Zheng with a pale face. The performance of two made Helian Zheng feel at ease and calm down his inner anger and let the doctor check him.


” Go get Xi Fei clothes.” A xin said lightly. 


Soon a palace maid took a dress and put it on Bai Xi, Ning Zhiqing got upset. Xi Fei has been uncovered for so long and she should have seen everything. Apart from Helian Zheng and the little baby Helian Fu, the other is either maid or eunuch, the old doctor diagnosing Helian Zheng. 

She is very unhappy. The appearance of Xi Fei’s this little fox is easy to cause a desire for protection. Axin is so gentle, it is difficult to guarantee that she will not sympathize with Xi Fei.


This Coquette is not a good thing, even Helian Zheng is paralyzed because of her schemes.


Ning Zhiqing moved a few steps and blocked Axin’s sight,” Xi Fei, this Concubine can’t guarantee whether you are telling the truth or falsehood. Everything is waiting for the emperor to speak and then we will decide about your disposal. Whether you are innocent or to be sentenced by the emperor…depends.”


“Yes, this concubine understands.” Bai Xi buried her head in her chest and gritted her teeth with hatred. 


While Helian Zheng was still spoiling her, Ning Zhiqing wouldn’t dare to count on her because of that Helian Zheng shield for her. But now Ning Zhiqing, a mountain girl, was able to ride on her head. She knew she has to send someone to kill Ning Zhiqing. 


Helian Zheng felt very satisfied by hearing Ning Zhiqing’s words and thinking she is worthy of being the most sincere woman to him. 

When he got healed, he will reward her. Thinking of what happened just now, he wants to jump up and strangle Bai Xi. 


Before, he was practicing longevity in his chamber. Somehow, his body got hot, and he felt a soft body around him. For a moment he forgot the need for abstinence and did everything he should and should not do.


 At this critical moment, he doesn’t know what Bai Xi gave him. When he gulped, he felt something was awry and kicked Bai Xi with his last struggle.


Then he couldn’t move, nor could he shout. At that time, Bai Xi stood up and rubbed her waist, and started mocking and ridiculing him, saying that he was now worse than death and could only lie on the dragon couch all his life. 

And she would take revenge on all the concubines in his harem and she would destroy everything. Listening to all this he shivered.


Hearing the sound of someone running outside, he saw the woman with fierce claws in front of him, her face turned pale and pitiful and she smiled ominously at him. 


Then she fell weakly beside the Dragon couch. Her smooth and skillful movements have refreshed his entire cognition. He thought that she is more capable of acting than those old ministers. 


[Bearcub: Has this ever happened to you guys? When you experience a shocking truth, you felt your entire cognition getting refreshed. ]

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