Chapter:36 – this tragic online game boss(4.2)


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 Dinghe’s expression turned gloomy: “Xie Yunyao, are you cheating on me?  You were with me now that you have another person?  Now you want to turn your face and deny it?  I even did the funeral of your parents!”


Wei Xiu looked at him abruptly, his eyes are very cold. 



Wei Xiu hasn’t told him about the Xie family’s parents.


This person just said out what he isn’t prepared for in such a harsh manner? 


You Huang has no hope of his host who made him control his body at every turn so he reminded him with a headache: “You just woke up now, and you probably don’t know about the Xie family parents. Why don’t you behave like one? “


[Okay, I will do.]


Xie Chenyang obediently put on his shoes and angrily stepped forward and kicked Dinghe to the ground: “What nonsense you are talking about!! How could something be wrong with my parents! What is your intention? I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you__”


He kicked him fiercely one after another. 


Dinghe wanted to fight back, but his waist was so painful that he was kicked broken by Xie Chenyang, so he could only shout: “Doctor__ Doctor…”

When Wei Xiu saw that Xie Chenyang losing his mind( not actually), he felt a 

pain in his heart. He reached out his hand and hugged him up and took two steps back: “Okay, don’t beat people up.”


Xie Chenyang stated angrily: “He is cursing my parents!!”


In Wei Xiu’s view, his lover is so angry that his eyes are red. He held him in his arms and comforted him: “With me here, It’s okay.”


Xie Chenyang buried his face in his shoulder sullenly. 


[ Hey, I have not played enough yet]


You Huang: [ Then why don’t you hurry up and push your lover away angrily and beat Dinghe a few more times.? ]


[ Reluctant to push him away] 


You Huang: “….” this dog thing!! 


Dinghe held his waist and stood up, dripping cold sweat, his face twisted and said:


 “What nonsense I am talking about? isn’t this President Wei Xiu?     Xie Yunyao, you are so kind that your parents died upstairs from his company and you are talking about romantic feelings with him.”


Xie Chenyang looked up: “You are making up things again?  make up again and I will kill you!”


 “Oh, You don’t believe it?  if you don’t believe it just read the news. Your parents died because of their company,” Dinghe gritted his teeth.”They for the sake of you to be released earlier by the game company died there.”


Wei Xiu held Xie Chenyang’s hand tightly. 


 “Shut up, Don’t talk rubbish.”


At this moment, the nurse who heard the movement just now came up frowning ” What are you doing? “


Dinghe clutched his waist and said rationally: “Your patient is crazy. He attacked me. Take me for an examination. I feel that my bones have been broken, Then I will issue an inspection report.”


Xie Chenyang snorted coldly. After the nurse took Dinghe away, Xie Chenyang returned to Wei Xiu,”I won’t believe what he said.”


Wei Xiu lowered his eyelids.

He will eventually know about this after all paper cant hold the fire down.

“It is true.”


Wei Xiu hugged his waist tightly: “After learning about your incident, our technical department was already investigating, but the uncle and auntie didn’t believe us so they quietly ran upstairs to our company and committed suicide.”


Wei Xiu whispered: “They didn’t wait for the rescue, they stumbled and fell.”


In fact, too many media and onlookers were present there.

The parents of the Xie family are honest people and they would have never made such a scene if not for their son’s life, in the end, they were still very nervous. That’s why they couldn’t control their emotions and in panic, Xie’s father stumbled and fell, Xie’s mother wanted to pull him so she also fell and died.


That’s how the tragedy happened. 



Speaking of it, Xie Chenyang felt that Dinghe was the ultimate cause of this.


There is no such reason for him to inadvertently mentioned that someone commit suicide upstairs in the company because they could not get fair treatment from the company on a certain day and then he gave the example of how to deal with it. 


If he would not have mentioned, Xie’s parents would never think about that they could commit suicide.


Wei Xiu’s original intention was not to make them die, but they did commit suicide after meeting him, which caused this tragedy.


Whether it was deceiving Xie Yunyao’s feelings, taking the opportunity to deceive Xie Yunyao’s data, or confusing Xie’s parents, Dinghe’s actions made Xie Chenyang sick.


Dinghe feels otherwise. 


He just mentioned a case like this and didn’t want them to think about making trouble like this. They had this idea on their own, It didn’t matter to him. Dinghe thought so.


Xie Chenyang’s silence made Wei Xiu’s heart sink a little bit.

” Ayao…”

Xie Chenyang didn’t know how to tell Wei Xiu about this.

He knew it a long time ago.

But he couldn’t act like he knew it a long time ago. 

This shouldn’t be.

He simply raised his head and kissed Wei Xiu’s mouth fiercely and passionately.

Wei Xiu closed his eyes and responded carefully.

You Huang: “…” Oh Instead of talking about things to make them clear, some people here started kissing!!


Xie Chenyang sat down holding Wei Xiu, unable to manage his expression for the time being, so he could only bury his fave in Wei Xiu’s arms so that he can’t see his expression clearly. 

“Ayao, I am sorry.”

Xie Chenyang said dully: “My parents… really gone? “

“Is it a misstep? “


“Then why are you apologizing? “


Xie Chenyang pushed him away: “Stop talking about this, where is my orange? “

Wei Xiu: ” …” huh? 

Thinking about orange this time? 

Wei Xiu didn’t know whether he wanted to change the subject or his grief. 

But he still let go of him, picked up the orange that was put back in the fruit basket just now, peeled a petal, and stuffed it into his mouth.

Xie chenyang looked at him happily: “Is it sweet? “

“Yeah.” Very sweet.

“Then what are you waiting for, give it to me.”

Wei Xiu handed him the orange.

Xie Chenyang took the orange and squinted his eyes when he ate it: “It’s really sweet.”

You Huang said silently, [No, at this time shouldn’t you be sad about the pain of losing your parents? ]

[ But I am not Xie Yunyao, I can be angry, I can regret but I can’t be sad]

You Huang: [ Then pretend.]

[ Can’t pretend..]

You Huang: [ Imagine your lover dies suddenly, what will happen to you?  Do you understand what it feels like to be sad now? “]


[ Don’t know, If he is dead, I will die, just go to the next world to find him]


You Huang:  [ Then you imagine him greening you? ] 


[ How could he green me.]


You Huang:  [ What If? ]


[ Then I can’t get upset, I will chop off the person who seduced him and then trap him by my side never wanting him to be taken away by others!!]


You Huang:  “….”  Forget it, it’s hopeless, Just let him be happy.


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