Chapter:7 – Arc 1 CFIK



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  The afterward morning, Meng Zezhi packed a box of ginseng and two boxes of coffee to the Department of Biology Architecture.

After finding Zhu Zhengqing’s office according to the details given by Professor Wan, the office door was ajar, and Meng Zezhi raised his hands and banged on the door. 

” Please come in.” 

The voice was very melodic and lovely with a light fresh breath in it.

Meng Zezhi opened the door.

The man was squatting beside a cardboard box on the ground, just looked up at him, there was sweat on his forehead and a few beads rolled down to his smooth chin and wet the front of his clothes, and his delicate collarbone was looming out. 

 A wave of surprise flashed in the man’s eyes: ” It’s you?” 

Meng Zezhi calmly retracted his gaze and suppressed the strange feeling in his heart and questioned back; ” Professor Zhu?” 


After hearing what he said, Zhu Zhengqing’s eyes enlarged suddenly: ” You are Professor Meng that Grandpa Wan mentioned!!” 

Since it was an understanding, it is easier to talk now.

Meng Zezhi walked over and extended out his hand for greeting.

Zhu Zhengqing stood up, reached out, and bounced hands with Meng Zezhi and then he found that his hands are completely covered in Meng Zezhi’s hand.

Are the old men’s hands so big nowadays? He thought seriously.

 When he recovered Meng Zezhi had already put his hands back and said,” I will have to trouble you for a while, Professor Zhu!” 

” It’s okay,” Zhu Zhengqing retracted his hand calmly and pointed to the sofa next to him: ” Sit down.” 

Meng Zezhi nodded slightly and put the gift box in his hand on the coffee table.

There was no figure like Zhu Zhengqing in the plot he received but it did not prevent him from learning from Professor Wan how extraordinary he is!!

He has a famous background,  graduated from the Junior class of the University of Sciences and Technology, and was admitted to MIT with a full scholarship at the age of 16. Under the tutelage of Noble prize winner and world-renowned biologist Professor Montani, he received his Ph.D. at the age of 20 and transferred to Harvard as a Postdoctoral fellow in the same year. 

He won the Darwin Prize two years later and was appointed as the associate professor there in the same year.

The Prize amount of Darwin Prize is not high only two hundred pounds but it is named after a great scientist like Darwin and it is awarded by the Royal Society which has a long history and prestige. Therefore it has a great influence in the academic world and is a worldwide prestigious prize in Biology.

So far he has published more than 20 academic papers in the international authoritative academic journals including three papers in ” Cell” and one in ” Nature” and ” Science” as the corresponding author.

” Cell”, ” Nature” and ” Science” are also known as the world’s three top academic journals.

There is a saying in the academic circle,  if you can publish a paper in these three top academic journals you can find a teaching position in any university in China.


As for the corresponding author, it refers to the person in charge of the project who is responsible for funding design writing and checking of the research papers.  And the research results can be regarded as the intellectual property rights of the corresponding author.

 And in order to invite this great Buddha back, Beijing  University paid a lot of money. The title of full professor, doctoral supervisor, housing subsidy, resettlement fee of 3 million, research start-up funds of 10 million and a three-level biosafety laboratory with a cost of more them 600 million will be built for him within five years.

Compared with the original body’s 500000 relocation allowance and 3 million scientific research start-up funds the gap is not a bit or half. Of course, this has a certain relationship with research direction too.

” It just happens that I just came to University there are no people around, the project has not yet been approved and laboratory is empty.” 

The most important thing is that Professor Wan spoke for him, Zhu Zhengqing has to welcome him anyway.

Fortunately, he knew this person which was not considered a surprise.


After boiling a pot of water he made a cup of instant coffee for Meng Zezhi.

” I am really sorry there is only this in the office right now.” 

Meng Zezhi reached out and took it: ” You are being too polite Professor.” 

His eyes fell on a pile of paper boxes on the ground: ” Are you moving the office today?  Why didn’t you find someone to help?” 

Zhu Zhengqing was a little helpless: ” Originally I asked a worker to help me but halfway through he received a call from his wife saying that she was about to prematurely give birth to seven months old baby.,.He was worried about his wife and baby so he went back first.’ 

” That’s it.”  Meng Zezhi said immediately: ” Then I will help you ” 

” No, no…” Zhu Zhengqing refused subconsciously. 

But Meng Zezhi had already stood up from the sofa took off his jacket and unbuttoned the cufflinks and directly rolled his sleeves to his elbows revealing his masculine and slightly hairy arms.


“It’s okay I have no class today anyway.” 

Zhu Zhengqing in his mind was thinking about ghosts and gods. He remembered what his classmate said once when he was in United State. The more body hair, the stronger the sex*al desire.

Thinking of this he couldn’t help but tighten the corners of his lips. Then he seemed like he thought of something and a faint disappointment flashed in his eyes.

No matter how good he is, it is for someone else!!

Zhu Zhengqing instantly corrected his state of mind.

After tidying up the bookshelves and filing cabinets, when the University staff finished installing air conditioners they found rags and began to clean the office together.













































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