Chapter:37 this tragic online game boss(5.1)




Seeing his expression, Wei Xiu silently skinned another orange and passed it to him. 


After eating three in a row, Xie Chenyang waved his hands. ” That’s enough. Stop eating.”


” Enough? “


“Yes, Enough.”


“Very sweet, isn’t it? ” Wei Xiu looked at him, his throat moved slightly, ” I want to savor it.”


Xie Chenyang peered at him inexplicably. ” Are not there a number in the fruit crate?  Peel it yourself.”


Wei Xiu got the fruit basket blankly and took out an orange. 


You Huang:  [ hehehe] 



[Why are you laughing? ] 


You Huang: [It’s nothing, I am just watching comedy.]


[Watch less those things that are not beneficial.]


You Huang: [Oh]  

 If he guessed it right, Wei Xiu’s words just now were implicating that he want to taste the Xie Chenyang’s mouth. 


The hint was so obvious, but unfortunately, his straight-man host didn’t get the signal.


Dinghe injury is quickly dealt with.


In fact, he didn’t even have a minor injury according to the report.


He hurts,  he never hurt like this before.


But when he opened his clothes, he found that the place where he was kicked didn’t even have a bruise. Don’t even talk about broken bones.


The nurse who brought him for examination couldn’t help but look at him with strange eyes: “Sir, the doctor’s diagnosis has been made, and you have nothing serious. If it really hurts, it might be a psychological effect…”



No matter how much Dinghe is depressed now, with a hint of apology on his face, he said, “Thank you, A Yao’s stance just terrified me a bit. I felt very uncomfortable after being kicked a few times by him.”



The nurse smiled and said, “Please don’t be depressed, Mr. Xie has been in a a slumber for so long. He just awakened up today. He won’t have much power. The only injury on your body is the jab on your chin, but it’s not a big complication. It will be fine.”


Dinghe politely thanked her and walked toward Xie Chenyang ward. 


There is speculation in his mind. 


When he was still trapped in the game, Xie Yunyao’s data was melted away by me, and some of the remaining data were purely accidental. 


Then he has forgotten everything that happened in the game after he got out, now it made sense. 


 Unlike him, Xie Yunyao was retrieved with incomplete data, after all. 


Memory loss ……is not impossible. 


The query is, how could he be mated with Wei Xiu, the president of the game company? 


He doesn’t feel that Xie’s parents lied to him. 


In the game, Xie Yunyao’s thinking and memory were clear. He has said many things about the past and did not mention Wei Xiu as a person. 


Moreover, he believed that Xie Yunyao would not fall in love with him and be with him in the game under the premise of having an objective. 


I have to accept that Xie Yunyao is not that kind of person. 


The remaining possibility is somewhat unbelievable. 


Xie Yunyoa and Wei Xiu… at first sight? 


Dinghe stood outside the ward, his eyes gloomy. 


In the Ward.


Xie Chenyang hugged the quilt and leaned on the pillow, his voice is drowsy,” Axiu the results of my examination will come out in a few hours. If there is no problem, will you come to pick me up and leave the hospital?  Live in your house or live in my house? “


Is he going to live together? 

Wei Xiu looked at him complicated: “…We just met.”


Xie Chenyang looked at him dissatisfied and waved at him. 


Wei Xiu hesitated and walked over. 


Xie Chenyang raised the Quilt and spread out his hand to pull him into his arms: “Didn’t I mention you, I fell in love with you at first sight. I always feel that we have been husbands in the past few lives and have no strangeness to you. We can’t live together directly? ” 


Wei Xiu avoided his head carefully so as not to hurt his wounds, and his voice restrained: ” Don’t move, you still have injuries on your head.”


Xie Chenyang touched the adhesive on his head: “It’s almost treated.”


” You still can’t be moved either.”


” I want to work out with you, not alone.”







Xie Chenyang smiled pleasantly and leaned over to give him a a persisting kiss. 


The kiss is proficient. 


Wei Xiu’s eyes gleamed. 


Outside the ward.


Dinghe face turned black when he heard the dubious sound from inside. He took out his phone with a calm face, walked to the slightly opened window, took a few pictures quickly, and turned away.


Thinking of the conversation he has just heard, he felt very distressed. 


Unexpectedly, it was really love at first sight. 

Even more, he didn’t expect Xie Yunyao to be such a person. 


Even the love of past lives has come out. 


Even Wei Xiu still believed it!!


What kind of person he is. 


Thinking of Xie Yunyao’s gentle and handsome face as well as Wei Xiu’s cold perfectly carved face, Dinghe snorted. 


Whether it is love at first sight or not, let’s see it. 


Xie Yunyao, this superficial fellow. 


Wei Xiu certainly didn’t really like him. He just wanted to redeem the reputation of the game company through his relationship with idiot Xiu Yunyao. 

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