Chapter9.1 No Gift for Lu Mingcheng

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At the end of the conversation,       


 She didn’t forget to take care of Sun Xi’s sentiments: “Xiao Xi, do you need to settle the bill?  Should I settle it for you? “







Sun Xi:  ” No,”




Jiang Qiuyi nodded and asserted: ” Then these two.”



The clerk smiled, ” Okay, Miss Jiang wait a minute.”




When Jiang Qiuyi and Jian Xia left, Sun Xi was still in a daze. 





 After some time she recovered,  



 Just now, Jiang Qiuyi brushed nearly 400,000 yuan without blinking?? 





Is that Jiang Qiuyi she knows? ? 





After buying the dress and going out, Jiang Qiuyi still intends to check the bag. 






Before they arrived at the shop, Lu Mingcheng’s phone call came first.




Jiang Qiuyi raised her eyebrows, guessing that Sun Xi must have tattletale. 




She was a little curious about what Lu Mingcheng would say to her. 



 So she connected the call: “Hello.”




Sitting in the car, Lu Mingcheng glanced over the light and shadows outside the window and asked in a low voice, ” Still in the mall? “





Jiang Qiuyi said, “Yes.”




Lu Mingcheng understood, and asked quietly, ” Do you need me to pick you up? “



Jiang Qiuyi got startled slightly and said, ” Don’t you have a meeting tonight? “




“Pushed it. “



Jiang Qiuyi said “Oh”, then thought for a while and said, ” But I still need more time. “





Lu Mingcheng said decisively:  “I will wait for you in the parking lot.”










After hanging up the phone, Jiang Qiuyi didn’t think much and took Jian Xia straight to the bag shop. 






Lu Mingcheng, After a busy day, finally has time to check the consumer text message he received on his mobile phone. 






He glanced a few times and raised his eyebrows subconsciously. 




It is no wonder that   Sun Xi was surprised, after all, Jiang Qiuyi’s consumption this day is dozens of times that of the past years. 











Jiang Qiuyi really didn’t care about Lu Mingcheng, After pulling Jiang Xia into the store, she slowly selected the items.






Jian Xi looked at her and said in a low voice: ” Didn’t your husband come to pick you up?  Just let him wait? ” 







Jiang Qiuyi looked calm:  ” I didn’t ask him to come. “




Jian Xia chocked/ 





“Are you ….. Are you turning your head? “





“No, ”  Jiang Qiuyi smiled:  ” Just having fun.”




Jian Xia was speechless, helping her forehead she said: “Don’t let him wait too long, it won’t be good to quarrel.”







“Will not. “




” Huh? ” 




Jiang Qiuyi smiled and said quietly: ” Lu Mingcheng will not quarrel with me. ”  







Although they are not that close, after this year of contact with him, Jiang Qiuyi probably understands what kind of person he is. 





He is relatively taciturn, and never quarrels with her over a trivial matter. 




More importantly, In Lu Mingcheng’s view, arguing is a waste of time. 




He generally ignored Jiang Qiuyi as his wife. 





It may not be regarded as neglect but it may be slightly better than treating strangers. After all, they have a normal married life, but they interact very little.








Moreover, the millions she spent today is not even a tickle to Lu Mingcheng. 




Jian Xia saw her like this and wanted to comfort her but didn’t know how to soothe her for a while. 



As she was thinking, Jiang Qiuyi directly chose several bags and said, “Pack them all.”





Jian Xia:  “….”



She watched the cabinet master skillfully pack and watched Jiang Qiuyi skilfully pick up the card to pay for the bill, She suddenly felt that she was thinking too much. 






Jiang Qiuyi didn’t need comfort at all. 




After buying it, Jiang Qiuyi left the address for delivery and only took the favorite one. 





Taking advantage of the situation, she stuffed a bag to Jian Xia. 



Jian Xia looked at her, “Are you sure you want to hand out it to me? “



Jiang Qiuyi: “Don’t you wish it? “




Jian Xia choked slightly and said in a low voice: ”  I am afraid I can’t afford to accept it.” 


Jiang Qiuyi smiled softly and said, ” First put it away, if one day I go bankrupt and become homeless, I have to wait for you to take me in.”






“…”‘  Jian Xia glared at her, ” Why you are being polite?  As long as I have food, you will have your share. “






 “Would you like to go with me? ” 



“No, no, ”  Jian Xia refused without pause and whispered: ” I am scared of your husband. He is too serious, I tend to get weak in front of the big boss. “







Jiang Qiuyi: “…”


She thought about the impression Lu Mingcheng had left, so she didn’t force her.







“Then tell me when you get home. “




” Okay. ” 





When Jiang Qiuyi reached the parking lot, she noticed a black car not far away. 





She approached with her bag and the driver came down to open the door for the first time. 









Jiang Qiuyi said  “Um”,  passed him what was in her hands, and sat in the back seat. 





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