Chapter 10.1 -Buying A Car.



Jiang Qiuyi spent over two hours in the cloakroom. After arranging up all the items she bought, she looked at her masterpiece with satisfaction.


Very good, But it only took a small part of the space, far from filling the cloakroom.




She took a picture to celebrate her first indulgence.




Jiang Qiuyi thought for a while and posted the photo to Weibo.




She used Weibo sometimes and occasionally post pictures of flowers and grasses.




She has hundreds of followers, except for the zombie fans, most of them are the wives and daughters of Rich families, celebrities in the circle, and some relatives of Lu Mingcheng.


@jiang_qiuyi: Fighting today, continue to work hard next time.


As soon as she posted Weibo, it received many likes and comments.


Simple_summer: Ah ah aha ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, Next time I will continue to call me, I will continue to be a leg pendant.



___My dear, call us too next time for shopping.


___ Sun Xiaoxi: ????


__Lu Minghao: My sister-in-law is amazing.







Jiang Qiuyi replied to several comments. Next moment she saw Lu Minghao’s message.




She looked at his message for a moment and wondered if she should reply to him or not.



Lu Minghao is not any stranger, he is the cousin of Lu Mingcheng who grew up with him,



He is also one of the few relatives of the Lu Family who treats her well.




After struggling for a few seconds, Jiang Qiuyi unhurriedly returned an emoticon.




As soon as she sent it, she got a reply: Sister-in-law, what did you buy for my brother let me see it…



Jiang Qiuyi changing no expression spilled the beans: I didn’t buy it.


Lu Minghao:?



Disregarding Lu Minghao, Jiang Qiuyi responded to a few more messages and reached into the bathroom to take a bath.



She took a look and found that Wechat received many invitations for shopping from major brands.





Looking at her consumption for today, she can become a VIP of several major brand customers.


Jiang Qiuyi picked up a few of them and lay in the bathtub comfortably after calculating the time.


After taking a good bath, and applying body lotion and skincare, Jiang Qiuyi went to sleep early without waiting for Lu Mingcheng to return to the room.






At 11: 30 , Lu Mingcheng who had only completed his official business came to the room.



When he reached the door of the room, he didn’t see any light coming out of the house.



He raised his eyebrows, opened the door, and went in.




It was pitch black in the room, only the moonlight coming through the window was spilling on the floor.





Lu Mingcheng tilted his head, seeing the sleeping woman on the one side of the bed, lost in thoughts.




A few minutes later, Lu Mingcheng went downstairs.


Butler Xu was going to have a rest, but when he saw Lu Mingcheng come down, he got confused a little.





His eyebrows bounced, and he questioned in a low voice, ” Mr. still not resting? “




Lu Mingcheng said, ” Yeah,” and said quietly, ” There is no water in the room.”



Then he went downstairs to drink water.





Uncle Xu was startled and said in a low voice, ” Sorry, Ma’am didn’t remind me and I forgot about it.”



Under normal circumstances, Lu Mingcheng and their rooms will have well-placed water.



It adjusts every day and the person switching is Jiang Qiuyi.



But today Jaing Qiuyi went shopping and didn’t remind the servants to change. Only then did he is facing the current situation.




Lu Migncheng made a humming sound and took the water from the butler and took a sip.




Uncle Xu glanced upstairs and asked curiously, ” Ma’am went to bed so early?”



Lu Mingcheng put the glass down and said, ” I am tired. “



Butler Xu looked at him and wondered in his heart,

These two shouldn’t be quarreling?



Jiang Qiuyi never had the habit of going to bed early when Lu Mingcheng was at home without waiting for him to return..



Paying no attention to what Butler Xu was thinking, Lu Mingcheng walked upstairs.




He habitually reads mobile phone messages before going to bed for the fear of missing some important update.





At one O ‘ clock, it was a message from Lu Minghao.



Lu Minghao: [ Brother, sister-in-law went to shopping today! Surprising!!]


Lu Mingcheng: [??]


When Lu Minghao saw Lu Mingcheng’s reply he became even more enthusiastic. He asked: [Sister-in-law said she bought nothing for you when she went to shopping? ? Is this true or false? ]



Lu Mingcheng: [ Why a great man like you is inquisitive in such gossip?]


Lu Minghao: “[? I just asked casually, surprised, My sister-in-law is not such a person according to my memory. ]


Lu Mingcheng’s eyes become cold, his eyebrows jumped and he didn’t reply to him. Then he turned off the phone.







Seeing is Obvious.



He also saw that..


He didn’t require anyone to remind him of such things.





Jiang Qiuyi slept comfortably this time.



No need to take care of anyone’s emotions and woke up naturally.


When she woke up, the sunlight outside was glaring.





There was no one on the other side of the bed, not event the temperature.




She glanced and got up and walked toward the french window indifferently.




There is a large floor-to-ceiling window in her room with Lu Mingcheng, allowing you to see the surrounding scenery.





She stood under the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the scenery for a while, and could still see vaguely the servants cleaning the yard.




Just as she was lost in her thoughts, the phone ringtone cut through the silence.





Jiang Qiuyi glanced a the caller ID, and it turned out to be Lu Minghao.


” Hey.”


” Sister In-law!!” Lu Minghao said excitedly, ” Are you free today? “


Jiang Qiuyi: ” For what? “



Lu Minghao thought for a while and whispered: ” If you have time, can you serve as Campanian for me? “


Jiang Qiuyi was startled and said in surprise: ” To do what? “





Lu Minghao said, ” I am not planning to go to work now, I want to buy some outfits. “


Hearing that, Jiang Qiuyi didn’t even think and said, ” Not Going.”


Lu Minghao: ” ???”



He was stunned, raising the volume of his phone as said: ” Huh??”


Jiang Qiuyi: ” Don’t want to go, it is useless. “




She added, “I don’t know much about men’s stuff, you can find someone else. “













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