Chapter 19.1 – Cannon Fodder Is King

It was the following day when Zhu Zhengqing wakened up. 

He unfurled his eyes, to strange roof lights, exotic bedding, and an unfamiliar room. 


Startled he sat up from the bed, then stretched out his hand to cover his head and took a sigh of relief. 


After a while, most of the tingling in his head lowered. He eased his breath and carefully remembered that what occurred last night reappeared in his mind, image after image. 



He pursed his lips tightly, his expression was a little complicated, he was joyful, sad and he wonder if he regretted it, his hands balled into a fist. 


At this moment, Meng Zezhi opened the door and walked in: ” Are you awake? “



Zhu Zhengqing turned his head abruptly and looked over. The complex emotions in his heart vanished, there was only joy in his eyes. 


” This is my home.” Meng Zezhi walked over. 


Zhu Zhengqing’s eyes flickered. 


” Last Night ….” Meng Zezhi paused and said, ” You were drunk, and then you slept directly. I didn’t know where you live. It happened that my guest room was empty so I brought you back.” 


” Yeah,”  Zhu Zhengqing loosened his right hand, touched the comfortable and soft bedding underneath and he felt warm all over. 


Meng Zezhi put the paper bag in his hand on the bed, and said, “This is a change of clothing for you, I bought it according to the size of your coat.” 



Hearing what he said, Zhu Zhengqing suddenly sensed the strong smell of alcohol and sweat on his body. His ear got red, avoiding the gaze of Meng Zezhi he said: ” Thank you!” 


Meng Zezhi’s eyes color deepened, and he tentatively said, ” This is what I should do.” 


He wondered whether Zhu Zhengqing was outspoken or impulsive last night to say so much to him.



Hearing this, Zhu Zhengqing couldn’t help bend his lips, What is meant by what he did should be done, Meng Ze is clearly saying that he had already taken the role of his boyfriend. 




Zhu Zhengqing’s tongue trembled slightly and hummed softly: ” Yeah.”



Seeing this scene, Meng Zezhi’s heart melted into the puddle of water, and the smile in his eyes reached the bottom of his heart. 


Since Zhu Zhengqing is willing to be with him so desperately then he naturally won’t let him distress too much. 


Thinking about this, Meng Zezhi turned around and sat on the bed, the mattress sank slightly. He turned to look at Zhu Zhengqing: ” About the AIDS in me_____” 


Zhu Zhengqing’s throat tightened and his good mood vanished into thin air instantly. 



Meng Zezhi said slowly: ” Don’t worry too much, You know, I am a mathematics researcher, and why do I spend my time in the biological laboratory? ‘”


Zhu Zhengqing shook his head. 


” Because I knew I was infected with HIV, I wanted to develop a specific medicine for  AIDS. ” 


AIDS, specific medicine? 


Zhu Zhengqing was stunned.


After the shock, he came back to his senses and felt what he said impulsively like his tongue is not his anymore. He said, ” Then, how about the research?” 



“It’s finished.”  Meng Zezhi thought for a while and said, ” There is still 80% certainty.” 


Zhu Zhengqing’s mood become more and more complicated, and all the sadness in his heart turned into surprise and joy. 


He didn’t think Megng Zezhi was lying to him because it was not necessary. 


Love is nothing more than that. 


Zhu Zhengqing’s eyes flickered, and finally, he calmed down the excitement in his heart. 


” Okay,” All that should be said was said, Meng Zezhi stood up: ” You wash first, I will cook, and later go to school together. ” 


“Great.”  Zhu Zhengqing was very happy to hear this. 




When Meng Zezhi left the room, Zhu Zhengqing lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, carrying a paper bag into the bathroom. 


After a hearty hot bath, Zhu Zhengqing took the clothes in the paper bag and put them on, Just as he happened to open the Bathroom he suddenly thought about a question.


According to Meng Zezhi,,, the clothes were bought according to the size of the jacket he has worn before, What about the underwear? 


Zhu Zhengqing couldn’t help thinking wildly and then he blushed. 


After a long time, Zhu Zhengqing finally finished getting normal, he opened the door of the room and walked out. 


In the living room, Meng Zezhi was watching TV and steaming meals were ready on the table. 


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