Chapter 19.2 – Cannon Fodder Is King





” Ghost director Jiang Qiyang returned strongly with ” Titanic”, released for three weeks, harvested 800 million US dollars and set a global box office myth.. .”



Meng Zezhi grasped the remote control and pushed the shutdown switch without reluctance.




He bent his head to glance at Zhu Zhengqing and stood up: “Let’s dine.”




” Because I don’t know what you want to consume, so I just produced a few dishes.” Meng Zezhi helped Zhu Zhengqing a bowl of pumpkin porridge: ” I don’t feast in the morning so I had some porridge.”



” Yeah.” Zhu Zhengqing replied cheerfully.




Meng Zhi has been single for over 70 years. There is no need to say that his cooking won’t be bad, the bamboo shoots are stewed with pork fat but are not greasy, the braised fish is fragrant and appetizing, plus a crisp and delicious corn fried fungus. There are few dishes, but Zhu Zhengqing thinks this is the most comfortable meal he has eaten since returning to China.







After filling their stomachs, and resting for a while the two drove to Beijing University.






Because Zhu Zhengqing had a course in the afternoon, Meng Zezhi understood he could only move to the laboratory alone.





Put the medicine into the drying oven and set the time. Taking benefit of his unrestricted time, Meng Zezhi turned on the computer on his desk and then discovered that his mailbox had been flooded indiscriminately.




He manipulated the mouse to pull down. The earliest Email came from Peter, the editor of the Annals of Mathematics, informing him that his paper had passed editorial review and was undergoing peer review considering the specificity of the article they set ten Reviewers.





In addition, over 30 emails are from these ten colleagues. Of course, they are here to find faults.




Meng Zezhi bore a deep breath, elated, and communed on the first email.



Here, Meng Zezhi is tired of dealing with all kinds of tricky problems and the news that Goldbach’s conjecture has been proven has finally spread.




” I have a student who is studying for a Ph.D. At Cambridge University. His girlfriend is also a Cambridge University student. He studied under Professor Baker. According to her, Professor Baker acquired an invitation to inspect the ” Annals of Mathematics” four days ago. He is currently responsible for the Part of review has been over half and they have found yet no problems.” Professor He said.




” It is declared that he the author of the paper has employed four methods to verify Goldbach’s conjecture. This is probably the gap between the normal people and genius.” Professor Song, who is relatively young, makes no secret of his envy and admiration.






” I still don’t know who proved Goldbach’s conjecture? “




” Probably because the other party is relatively low-key, or is a newcomer, listening to my student said that even Professor Baker doesn’t know who the author of the paper is.”




Although the ” Annals of Mathematics” enforces a double-blind review procedure during the coequal assessment stage, that is to say, the author and critic of the paper do not know each other’s self-identity, but everything is not definitive.






First, there are only a few big cows in number theory and even fewer can serve as reviewers.


Second, the four top mathematics magazines publicized over one hundred articles in one year, of which a slap in the study of number theory can count and most of these people are excellent researchers in the industry.




Generally, reviewers can determine the author of the paper through the research direction of the paper and the wording and sentence formation. No matter what isn’t there a mailbox left by the author?




The predecessor has never contributed to these four top mathematics magazines which are why Meng Zezhi vest can cover the present reason.






As if thinking of something, Professor He smiled and said: ” Once it is determined that Goldbach conjecture has been successfully proven, I don’t know how many people will hate this author because the project was cut.”










After all, he is not the only one who studies Goldbach’s conjecture.










Dean Fu didn’t watch. In the Department of Mathematics, only Meng Zezhi explored Goldbach’s conjecture.



He didn’t even guess that the person who confirmed Goldbach’s conjecture can be Meng Zezhi because he has been abandoned.




Second, the other party has been in the biological laboratory for most of the semester and even halted the project at hand, how can it be feasible to achieve results.









It transpires to be he can grab this opportunity to plainly slice off the project in Meng Zezhi’s hand and preserve the loss in time, which is not bad.



Dean Fu considered.










At the exact time, Meng Zezhi accepted an invitation.















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