Chapter 38.1 – this tragic online game boss(6.1)


Here is Chapter: 



” Xie Yunyoa…” 


The incident that Xie’s parents stumbled and fell from the building some time ago made Wei Xiu very busy and blamed himself. 


Aunt Xu also knew about this. 


She also knew that they were trying to save the child trapped in the game, Xie Yunyao. 


” Does the kid know? ” 


Wei Xiu nodded slightly: ” I told him in the hospital, but he just asked a few words and then didn’t mention it again, nor did he ask where his parents were buried..”





Aunt Xu also feels distressed: ” This kid is running away, he is refusing to accept and doesn’t want to face the reality.” 








” I am just worried about this.”  Wei Xiu’s cold face rarely shows a sense of loss. ” He doesn’t seem to affected at all, but …how can he not be affected?  He didn’t even feel sad, didn’t cry.” 


Wei Xiu’s parents lived with his brother and Aunt Xu was by his side for several years. She was kind and caring about him, so in his heart, he regarded Aunt Xu as a respected elder.







When he was exhausted from the Xie family affairs, he only showed fragility in front of her. 








Aunt Xu sighed softly: ” Give him some time, spend this time with him.” 







Wei Xiu went to the garden and sat down, smoked two cigarettes, and sat for a while before he adjusted his mood and went upstairs. 







As soon as he entered the room, he saw Xie Chenyang walking out of the bathroom while wiping his hair with a bath towel. 








Wie Xiu frowned slightly and said coldly, ” what are you doing? ” 


Xie Chenyang : ” Taking a bath.” 






Wei Xiu strode over, pulled him by his body, and made him sit on the bed. 

Xie Chenyang was a little confused: ” You…” 


Wei Xiu took the towel from his head an







d looked at the scars on his head that had been scabbed but hadn’t completely fallen off and said,” Are you not thinking about it? ” 







Xie Chenyang looked at his lover’s worried and anxious appearance and said happily. “It’s really fine, it’s been more than a month already. The injury has healed a long time ago and just this scar is left. This is not a big deal.” 







Wei Xiu’s face was tense and he carefully wiped his hair. 



” Axiu…” 



Wei Xiu looked down and keep wiping his hair, ignoring him. 



Xie Chenyang said in a puzzled way:  [ Just a little scar isn’t it?   I used to fight him for 800 rounds even I was stabbed back then.] 




You Huang: ” …”   I don’t really want to recognize him.



When the hair stopped dripping, Wei Xiu lifted his bangs and looked down at his wound. 




The flesh was slightly red where the scab was falling and there is a little bit of it hanging on it, which keep sticking. 




” The doctor said, your physique has problems and the wounds will heal slowly so you have to wait…” 



Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand to fish him into his arms, pressed him on the bed, and said softly, ” It has healed, the scab is almost shed off and the scar will disappear. It won’t be a problem to take a bath. ” 




Wei Xiu; ” You..”



Xie Chenyang stretched out his hand to touch his face, bowed his head, and kissed him: ” I will kiss you again.” 






Wie Xiu shifted his hands to push him away: ” Get up, Don’t make trouble here, you have been lying on the bed for more than a month, body..” 


” Your mouth is still blabbering, let me block it..” 


Xie Chenyang snorted and leaned down to deepen the kiss. 




You Huang: “…”    Host’s man is very good tolerable to him,  hope one day he will turn the Host into a good man. 




Wei Xiu resisted first but was directly driven by Xie Chenyang to sink together. 




Xie Chengyan lay on his side and looked at him: ”  I know you are worried about me but don’t worry, it’s okay. I have a sense of measure.”  

” um…” 



Wei Xiu regained his breath for a while, regaining his composure. 


” I am overly nervous.” 


Xie Chengyan nodded: ” Yes, I am not a child anymore, don’t be so nervous, I know what I am doing.”



Wei Xiu stretched out his arms to cover his eyes, 


He also didn’t understand how he became like this.



When it comes to Xie Chengyan, his mood swings are particularly large. 



You Huang couldn’t help saying; ” He is also tensed for you..” 





” What’s there to worry about it? Just this wound?  Or worrying about taking a bath??”


You Huang: ” ..” Yes. 



Xie Chenyang: ” Why are you covering your eyes? ” 



” Could it be..”  Xie Chenyang moved over him, lowered his head, and leaned in front of him, Are you crying? “”


Wei Xiu put his hands blankly. 



Xie Chenyang reached out and touched the corner of his eye. 


It is dry. 



Wei Xiu: ” … I didn’t cry.” 



” I think your eyes are a little red…” 



” Xie Yunyao!!” 




Xie Chenyang couldn’t help but say something: ” What do you want to say? Get out? Where do you want me to get out? Get out of your room? Or your villa? ” 


No way? Just took a shower, and he is so angry that he is going to drive me away? 



[ Ahuang, does he not love me anymore? ]




You Huang: “…”  Can he throw him away? 



When Wei Xiu saw his lover’s clueless appearance, the anger in his heart suddenly dissipated and he felt powerless: ” You really are…” 




” What? ” 


Wei Xiu sat up, opened his arms to embrace him, and closed his eyes: ” The eyes are not red because of crying.” 



Xie Chenyang: “Oh.” 



” You kissed me.” 


Xie Chenyang understood. 





In the past sometimes when it was done fiercely the eyes of his lover would be slightly red. 




It just that, he was not fierce just now, and was not he still angry before?   So he thought he was crying out of anger. 





Wei Xiu leaned his head on his shoulder and said softly, ” Ayao, you treat me better.” 




Xie Chenyang said without hesitation: ” Dont worry, i will always treat you well. ” 



Wei Xiu replied softly, half beeped and asked, ” Am I long-winded? ” 



Xie Chenyang: ” No.” 


” You just said, I have a blabbering mouth.” 



After a few minutes,


Xie Chenyang was sitting on the guest room, lost in thought.













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