Chapter 38- this tragic online game boss(5.2)


In the ward, their lips separate, bringing out a silver line with it.

Xie Chenyang reached out and wiped the corners of Wei Xiu’s lips: ” Should we go to your house or mine?”

Wei Xiu was lying on the other half of the pillow, his cheeks flushed red and his eyes were blurred because of moisture.

Xie Chenyang’s adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed, ” Or should we go home right now? ”

Wei Xiu: ” Don’t make trouble.”

Xie Chenyang fished him into his arms, took his hand, and lead it downward, ” Then you help me.”

Wei Xiu said: ” This is the hospital!!”

Xie Chenyang: “Oh.”

Don’t let him fool around.

Wei Xiu pushed him away,  got up, and went to the bathroom to sort his clothes.

Xie Chenyang put the quilt on his body to cover something unconvinced: ” Just stretch out your hand and help me, who is fooling around, he just not helping me. I wonder hospital is just an excuse.”

You Huang: ” ….”  This host has gone crazy.

After four O’clock in the afternoon, Xie Chenyang’s physical examination report came out.

Doctor: ” From the results of the examination, there is no other problem in your physical condition. It’s just that you haven’t eaten normally for more than a month. It is best to eat easy-to-digest food at the beginning…Remember? ”

Xie Chenyang said happily: ” Remember, remember, can I be discharged immediately? ”

” Yes, check again in a month.”

The doctor paused.

” The bandage on your head doesn’t need to be wrapped around.”

The nurse whispered, ” That…I bandaged it.”

The doctor looked back at her.

She coughed softly: ” Yes, with a bandage, it looks good…”

In the car back. Xie Chenyang reached out his hand to undo the gauze.

Wei Xiu:  ” Keep it.”

Xie Chenyang: ” Why?  The doctor said that there is no need for it anymore.”

Wei Xiu: ” It looks good.”

The corner of Wei Xiu’s lips made a clear smile and he started the car.

__ It looks good__

Xie Chenyang is gentle and handsome with a gauze wrapped around his head it gives a  special sense of beauty.

The car drove smoothly.

Xie Chenyang stared ahead, lost in thoughts..

[Ah Huang,  he said I look good with gauze, is he afraid to see the hideous wound under my gauze? ]

You Huang: ” I don’t think so.”

[ The wound must be very ugly. The nurses dare not look at it. They have to wrap gauze and Ah Xiu must be like this too.]

[ No need to console me, I know he just despises my wounds.]

You Huang: ” …”  He didn’t want to say that the other party might be interested in ” Bandage kink”

” Oh, what are you going to do then? ”

[Is there any medication for beautifying and clearing scars ? ?    On credit? ]

” No credit.”

[ Good Ahuang, I know you are the most pleasing, You are the exemplary Dad.]

” I have no son like you, get out.”

[Cut..] This trick doesn’t work anymore. 

Wei Xiu lived in a small single-family villa.

Xie Chenyang curiously questioned: ” Do you live here sole? ”

Wei Xiu: ” Well, my parents live with my brother.”

While parking the car, Wei Xiu was about to go around to first open the door to Xie Chenyang’s side, Xie Chenyang had gotten out of the car.

Wei Xiu naturally took out the car key and locked the car.

” I asked an aunt, and she will go back after dinner every day. She should be at home at this time.”

Xie Chenyang: ” Hmmm.”

” I asked her to clean up a guest room for you…”

Xie Chenyang grabbed his arm and glanced at him dissatisfiedly: ” You desire me to sleep in the guest room? ”

Wei Xiu: ” …”  Otherwise? 

Xie Chenyang: ” We are partners. If we don’t sleep together we have to sleep in separate rooms? ”

Wei Xiu understood what he meant, and gently shook his hand away: ” Your injury is not healed yet.”  and it is too fast. 

Although there is no strangeness between them. 

But…in reality, it’s their first day of interaction, right? 

Need to…. 

Xie Chenyang stared at his ears in surprise: ” Why are your ears so red? Could it be..”

Wei Xiu strode out: ” The garage is cold, Let’s go inside.”

Sure enough, the aunt is here.

Seeing them entering the door, she smiled kindly: ” Xiao Xiu is back, is this your friend? ”

” No.”

” I am  his lover.”

Wei Xiu and Xie Chenyang answered at the same time.

The aunt was startled  and then chuckled: ” This way, XiaoXiu has grown up now.”

Xie Chenyang: ” Isn’t it,  he is already 30 years old.”

Auntie smiled even bigger: “It’s so cute, no wonder the XiaoXiu like you, and I can see he likes you very much.”

Xie Chenyang: ” Of course he likes me.”

Wei Xiu  couldn’t stand it anymore, and stretched out his hand  to pull at Xie Chenyang, ” Aunt Xu, his name is Xie Yunyao, I will take him back to the room first.”

Aunt Xu: ” Good, good.”

Wei Xiu took Xie Chenyang’s hand and entered the room.

Xie Chenyang looked around not at a guest room.

[He said he wanted me to sleep in the guest room, but he didn’t bring me there. It is the master bedroom. Oh this is really exciting, tsk tsk..]

” NS….”

Xie Chenyang thought he had understood the hint from his lover, put his arm up, and moved to the bed while kissing.

Wei Xiu  got up from the bed, with blue veins bulging on his forehead: ” You be Proper.”

Xie Chenyang looked at him with a confused look.

By seeing his look, Wei Xiu felt soft and said gently,” You take a break first and I will go down and talk to Aunt Xu.”

Xie Chenyang struggled behind him, ” I have been resting for more than o month!!”

Wei Xiu ignored him and went straight downstairs.

Aunt Xu was washing the vegetables in the kitchen, and when she saw him, she smiled, ” Xiao Xiu, what do you want to eat tonight? ”

Wei Xiu briefly said about Xie Chenyang physical condition.

Aunt Xu nodded, washed her hands, and took out her mobile phone: ” Porridge, right?  I will check how to make it delicious and nutritious.”

Wei Xiu paused and said softly, ” Aunt Xu, Ah Yao will live here with me in the future.”

” That’s great, ”  Aunt Xu didn’t lift her head: ” You are always alone. It’s nice to have someone with you now. ”

” He is..” Wei Xiu lowered his head, ” He is Xie Yunyao.”

He didn’t know whether Xie Chenyang was deliberately hiding or what.

He seemed to have forgotten about it since he mentioned the incident of his parent’s accident in the hospital.

Even, he didn’t even mention going to see my parents.

” I …worry about him.”

He is worried that this is an illusion maintained by Xie Chenyang, worried that he is unwilling to admit the departure of his parents. worried that he…

_very worried.

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