Chapter: 9.2 No Gift for Lu Mingcheng.

She reached with her bag, and the driver reached down to open the door for the first time. 


Jiang Qiuyi said “Um”,  handed him what was in her hands, and sat in the back seat.

Hearing the sound, Lu Mingcheng glanced sideways.

Their eyes met, and the two looked at each other.

After seeing the skirt on Jiang Qiuyi, Lu Mingcheng paused, then moved his gaze up and stopped on her cheeks.

A soft lingering scent came to him, which is from Jiang Qiuyi’s hair and there is also the smell of perfume on her body. Light and pleasant, not strong and pungent.

Receiving his gaze, Jiang Qiuyi greeted him straightly, with no timidity.

After a beat of silence in the car, she asked, “What are you glancing at?”

Lu Mingcheng returned to his senses, glanced at her rose-colored sequined (a small shiny disc sewn on to clothing for decoration) on her dress again and said lightly,"The dress is good."


Jiang Qiuyi raised her eyebrows, “Really? “

Lu Mingcheng nodded.

Jiang Qiuyi smiled and said directly, ” I met Xiao Xi coincidently when I was buying the skirt in the store.”

“I know. ” Lu Mingcheng said, “She contacted me.”

Now it was Jiang Qiuyi’s turn to be stunned.

She remained silent for a moment and asked curiously, ” Did she say anything?”

Lu Mingcheng opened the file on one side and said casually, “What do you expect she would speak to me? “

Jiang Qiuyi pretended to be dumb and played with her curly hair pretentiously. “I don’t know.”



Lu Mingcheng glanced at her and asked casually, “What did you buy?”

Jiang Qiuyi didn’t hide it and said slowly: “Wardrobes, bags, and a few pairs of cleats.”

Lu Mingcheng nodded, slackened his collar, and said, “Didn’t you buy any ornament? “

Jiang Qiuyi: “????”

She was quiet for three seconds, and said with a sense of loss, “There was not enough time. I will buy it in two days.”

Lu Mingcheng didn’t speak anymore.

Jiang Qiuyi turned her head and looked out the window to be a considerate and virtuous wife of Lu Mingcheng.

She stared at the car windows for a while and saw the reflection of the person sitting next to her. Even in the car, Lu Mingchen does not forget his work. Sometimes, Jiang Qiuyi suspects that what Lu Mingcheng loves the most in is life may not be people but work.


She was examining carefully when Lu Mingcheng’s cell phone rang.

Jiang Qiuyi persisting in the attitude of not listening or watching, bowed her head to play with her mobile phone. She didn’t check her phone today and received a lot of messages from friends on Wechat when she opened it.

She is not familiar with most of them, but they are added there.

Ladies No.1: [ Qiuyi, I heard you went shopping in Taiheng shopping Mall today? ]

Ladies No.2: [ Qiuyi, you bought the rosy little dress of Teacher Zhao? ]

Ladies No.3: [ Are Qiuyi free tomorrow? Do you want to go browse with us? ]


Jiang Qiuyi scrolled down slowly and said a series of question marks and exclamation marks sent to her by Sun Xi.

She could not hold back and smiled slightly upon seeing this.

She didn’t see any interesting news. She just wanted to quit when she heard the voice of dialogue in her ear.


“Yeah.” Lu Mingcheng responded, ” I am unavailable these days. I will take Qiuyi residence for dinner in two days.”


Jiang Qiuyi paused with her mobile phone and looked at Lu Mingcheng.


Sensing her gaze, Lu Mingcheng glanced at her, still calm: “It’s nothing, I let her go out more.”

Zhen Ping still didn’t expect it, smoothed her temples, and said, “I heard Xiao Xi say that she has spent millions without blinking.”

Zhen Ping was afraid of offending Lu Mingcheng and quickly added, “Mom doesn’t want to say that I wouldn’t let her spend money, but Qiuyi had always been a thrifty child. Will there be any problems with such a big change? “

“Will not.”

Lu Mingcheng smiled. “Don’t worry, she informed me.”

Zhen Ping: ” Okay, you have said so, then I won’t ask her. You remember to take time to take her home for dinner.”

Lu Mingcheng: ” Yeah.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Qiuyi looked at him straight. ” Mom’s call? “

Lu Mingcheng nodded in response.

Jiang Qiuyi looked at him indifferently, suddenly a little inquisitive. ” Don’t you ask me why? “

Lu Mingcheg paused while reading the document, raised his eyes and turned to her, and said coolly, ” What are you speaking about? “

” …”


Jiang Qiuyi got startled when he looked at her with his dark and deep eyes.

After a few seconds, she withdrew her gaze, pretended to be oblivious, and said, “It’s nothing. “


Lu Mingcheng: ” ….”

The atmosphere was quiet in the car and the couple had no communication anymore.


Jiang Qiuyi was actually a little stunned that Lu Mingcheng didn’t ask a word, but after another thought, she felt normal.

Lu Mingcheng never cared about this little thing. He probably wouldn’t even blink even if she bought the mall back.


When they got home, the family chef had already prepared the dinner.

When Uncle Xu saw Jiang Qiuyi, his eyes brightened and his mouth was as sweet as ever and said, ” Ma’am look so beautiful today.”

No woman does not like to accept compliments.

Jiang Qiuyi bent her lips and smiled at Uncle Xu: ” Uncle Xu is as smart and handsome today as ever.”

Uncle Xu picked up the bags from the driver and asked in a low voice, ” Ma’am, Should I let them set them in the Cloakroom? “

Jiang Qiuyi: ” Yeah.”

She looked at Uncle Xu: ” Does anyone bring something here this afternoon? “

Uncle Xu nodded: ” They delivered a lot of packs, all of them are in Your Cloakroom.”

Listening to this, Jiang Qiuyi got very cheerful.

” Okay, Uncle Xu worked hard .”

Steward Xu respectfully said, ” Serving Ma’am is what I should do.”

Observing the exchange between the two, Lu Mingcheng raised his eyebrows lightly.

Dinner is Lu Mingcheng’s favorite Japanese food. Jiang Qiuyi doesn’t like it very much. She glanced at it and was too lazy to go back to the room to change her clothes and enjoy dinner again. She decided to take a couple of slices and take out the things she purchased.

The couple sat face to face. Jiang Qiuyi took two bites, then put down her chopsticks.

Uncle Xu looked at her, his eyes twitching, and asked in a low voice, ” Ma’am, is the taste bad? “

” No..”

Jiang Qiuyi looked at Lu Mingcheng, ” I am not very hungry, I am going back to the room first. “

Lu Mingcheng’s expression remained unaffected, “It’s up to you.”

By the time Jiang Qiuyi disappeared from the dining hall, Uncle Xu hadn’t recovered by then.

Is this what Jiang Qiuyi talking about just now, Didn’t she always stay with Lu Mingcheng as long as he didn’t leave the seat?

Jiang Qiuyi certainly didn’t ignore the shock of Steward Xu and the other servants, but she wanted to do so.

Before at Lu Family, whether or not she was hungry, whether the food in front of her was something she liked or not, Jiang Qiuyi would accompany Lu Mingcheng to dine, patiently and she would wait until Lu Mingcheng was ready to full before she leaves the seat with him.


She doesn’t like eating alone and knows that leaving the seat early is not appropriate, so she waited quietly.


But now, she felt it was unnecessary. Now that she has decided to let herself go, she has to live according to her own preferences, whether it is in terms of consumption or other things.

The most important thing is to be merry.

As for Lu Mingcheng, she didn’t tend to cherish whether he was pleased or not. He is not significant anyway.



Downstairs, Uncle Xu was shocked for a minute. When Lu Mingcheg had a good meal, he asked in a low voice, ” Sir, is your wife in a bad mood today? “

Lu Mingcheng: ” Maybe.”

He glanced at Uncle Xu and asked softly, ” Has the physician come? “

Uncle Xu was taken aback, shook his head, and said, ” I was about to tell you that the Ma’am said that she was already fine. She went out in a hurry in the morning and did not let the doctor over.


Upon hearing this, Lu Mingcheng Nodded.

Uncle Xu looked at him, ” Do you want the family doctor to come over now? “

” No.” Lu Mingcheng didtn mind, ” Let her go. “

Uncle Xu: ” ….Yes.”

Lu Mingcheng didn’t linger downstairs enough and went upstairs.

He still has work to handle at night, so he won’t waste time on such unimportant matters. Going upstairs, Lu Mingcheng pushed open the door of the room to enter. He needs to take a shower before going to study to deal with official affairs.


When he entered, Jiang Qiuyi was unpacking the things she bought today. She took off her suit jacket and put it on one of the coat racks, revealing the complete skirt inside.

As soon as Lu Mingcheng entered the cloakroom, what he saw was her slender white swan neck, and further down was part of the back skin exposed by the V-neck.

White and delicate. Under the lights, it is particularly dazzling.

He paused slightly, his eyes stopped for a few seconds.

Suddenly, Jiang Qiuyi sounded.

” Looking for something? “

Lu Mingcheng said ” Yes”, glanced at the gift boxes piled up on the ground, and asked faintly, ” Are these delivered today? “

” Yeah.”

She bent down, took out the most expensive bag in it, and gestured to the mirror, deliberately stimulating Lu Mingcheng: ” How about this bag?”

Lu Mingcheng glanced casually. ” Not bad. “

Jaing Qiuyi raided her eyebrows, looked at him, and said, ” This means it’s not pretty, right? “

Before Lu Mingcheng could speak out, Jiang Qiuyi muttered to herself, ” It seems that it is not special enough. I will go to the auction next time.”

Lu Mingcheng: ” ….”

He turned around, picked up his pajamas, and walked out.

Before leaving, Lu Mingcheng did not forget to look at the open boxes on the ground. There is no Gents item in it, Not even a pair of Men’s socks, they are all women’s.


The author Note:

Mr.Lu: ???

Qiuyi: Is there any problem?

Mr.Lu: Don’t dare to have.




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