Chapter:37.4 Arc-3 The Cold Palace Neighbours


” If it was not because you killed the Meng Family first, why would my mother do that? ”  Helian Fu sneered, ” Now you are probably thinking, You are my father and I am your son and future Heir of the throne, I shouldn’t listen to the concubine Ning and Concubine Lin?   Telling me not to be deceived by them, right? ‘



Helian Zheng blinked his eyes quickly, of course, this should be.  They are father and son, Why he is colliding with these women??






But he has already decided that once he would recover he will throw this son away, he has not raised this cub, so it was better to let him die.  He has the blood of the Meng Family who knows what will happen later. He is still young and can have many sons.




Helian Fu understood his thoughts and his face showed a hilarious smile.



He turned toward He Qing, ”  Dad, why is Helian Zheng so naive, still thinking that I am his son? ”




” Concubine Ning, Madam Lin, take a look at me and Helian Zheng? Obviously, I am more like Fuer’s father.”

He Qing was thrilled and relieved, especially when he saw Helian Zheng spurting out blood. He said happily to Helian Fu, ” Fuer, that is because of his illness, and his eyes are not good, so he cannot see properly.”




” So, Ex- the emperor should take care of his health.” Helian Fu said, ” Zhen, Concubine  Ning, Concubine Lin, and my father will guard you and the country. You can rest assured.”



By listening to the last line, Helian Zheng vomited blood again and passed out.



Axin glanced at the incredulous Bai Xi in the corner and said to He Qing, ” He Shiwei, Princess Xi will live here and take good care of the Helian Zheng. The day he will recover, she will be able to come out of the palace.”







Bai Xi’s face got pale, and she fell to the ground lifelessly, in this life she wouldn’t be able to get out of Helian Zheng’s place at all. Axin’s words broke all her fantasies. She hated this life very much. She found these people are more terrible than that before her rebirth.








On the next day, Grandpa Yu announced the imperial decree in the courtroom.

Helian Zheng abdicated and passed on his throne to Helian Fu and appointed Concubine Ning as Queen and He Qing as he the commander-in-chief of all the guards in the palace.






After this, Grandpa Yu left the palace as soon as possible and didn’t want to stay here any longer.




The courtiers were not surprised at all at this was the thing they expected.


Ning Zhiqing still drew the curtain in the court and listened to politics every day and would intervene where she found necessary.


Courtiers gradually got used to it and even found that her ideas were very sharp and slowly surrendered.




The Young emperor was a little younger, but they noticed that he was not a puppet at all. Ning Zhiqing would listen to his opinions. The courtiers gradually settled down, as long as Ning Zhiqing was not emperor, everything is fine.






As long as she was not busy, Ning Zhiqing likes to visit the Axin Palace, and she finds herself uncontrollable to not see her.


But she still didn’t want to hurt this precious person of her, so endure her passionate feelings.




On a specific day, she came to see Axin in her bedroom and saw no one.



” Where is Axin?”



The maid replied, ” The concubine is in the bath.”



Ning Zhiqing was dumbfounded, and her mind couldn’t be in her control anymore, Various images of Axin in the bath popped up in her mind.


Her cheeks turned red and her voice trembled.” Take me there.”



” Yes.”


Ning Zhiqing squeezed her hands tightly and followed the maid to the bath hurriedly.   They layered the bath with gauze, one can see the scenes hazelly but cannot see if there is the person in it or not.  But there was a pleasant fragrance.




” You wait here, I will go in there.” Ning Zhiqing raised her chin and tried to calm herself. ” I will also take a bath since Ms.Lin is already here, it is convenient.”



The ladies-in-waiting looked at each other and said, ” Yes, the slave will go and get clean clothes for Queen.”



” Go ahead, but don’t come in until you are called for.”



” Yes.”




No one dares to go against Ning Zhiqing’s orders. She was in the real power in the palace.


Ning Zhiqing took a deep breath and took off her coat. She couldn’t suppress her feelings.



Having a bath together is nothing. we both are women. 


Axin wouldn’t even care about this so much, nor would she think it was unusual.



Thinking like this, she walked to the bath.

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