Chapter: 38.1 Arc-3 The Cold Palace’s Neighbor




There were Red petals were scattered all around the bath pool, no wonder, I felt it so fragrant.



With a glance, she can see a beauty leaning against the side of the pool; her slender shoulders were uncovered in the air.




Her delicate and beautiful  beauty bone (collar bone) looked very tempting, even her face that always show indifference is now ruddy wants people to kiss it uncontrollably.





Ning Zhiqing  removed her shoes and gently walked toward Axin.  What she saw was Axin sleeping peacefully with her eyes closed.



Her heart started beating so violently.


Is Axin sleeping?


Ning Zhiqing has an  courageous thought in her mind.



Can she…Can she kiss Axin for a moment?



She silently removed her cumbersome clothes, leaving only under clothes on her she slipped into the water gently.



With in Warm mist she looked closely at the fascinating woman in front of her fondly, her Axin is so beautiful, like a fairy from the sky that cannot be compared to the earthlings.




She  got a little bit more close to Axin.


Axin has not responded till now, is she really sleeping?



Ning Zhiqing took a deep breath and finally with a gritted teeth she thought,


This is the only golden chance, otherwise maybe she wouldn’t be able to kiss Axin in her entire life.




She came near Axin carefully and finally kissed her warm cheeks.  She carefully observed Axin and seeing that the other party has still not woken up. Her eyes fell on Axin two cherry red lips and she swallowed invoulountry.



She wants to kiss her lips too.



Ning closed her eyes courageously and covered Axin lips with hers’ lips.



She felt wonderful, a different kind of fragrance on her lips and mouth.



After kissing her lips she felt that she wants more greedily.




All of sudden she felt a soft thing slipped in her mouth, and she opened her eyes widely.



And she Axin eyes were facing her.



She woke up.



Axin woke up!



Ning Zhiqing’s brain exploded because of shock, it went completely blank.



She even forget to make a distance from the other party.




Her ruddy cheeks turned pale white at speed visible to eyes and her eyes  that were always firece and forceful were filled with anxiety and fear.




Axin woke up and she also found me kissing her.



What should I do now ?



Will Axin hate me very much?



Will she be disgusted by me?





Would she wouldn’t even want to see me in the future?




The more she thought, the more uncomfortable it was.


She felt as if she is suffocated and couldn’t even breathe.




Why couldn’t she control herself?


Why did I kissed her?




Axin is beautiful and charming, how could I control myself?




But what would she do now if Axin hate her and doesnt want her anymore?



If Axin doesn’t want her, even if she has so high positon she thinks she cannot control it.




Ning Zhiqing face was pale, her eyes were brimming with tears.



She just kept looking at Axin with eyes wide open.



Tears were ticking down from her eyes uncontrollably continuously running down from her eyes.



She was very scared, scared that Axin will leave her.






Even if they were very close so close, she would leave me.





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