Chapter:22.1 Arc-1 Cannon Fodder Is King

In Beijing Central business elite district, Changan Avenue, the International Trade Building, Jiangzhou Group rented three floors here rent of 30 million Yuan per annum.



Jiangzhou Group is Chen Yinlong’s business Industry.



The Chen Family first started off in the sugar industry but its business now includes the Sugar industry, Paper making industry, Real state development, Commercial logistic, etc. and not to say more than a dozen subsidiaries and branches and a family of billions of dollars.



But all these do not belong to Chen Yinlong.




He is the youngest in the family, when his father was fifty years old he was born. He has three outstanding brothers above him.  And when he came to adulthood, his father had a stroke and the issue of the family heir started a dispute, he was just left alone.



Fortunately, his grandmother felt sorry for him and left him a lot of fortune before she left this world.



Relying on those, Chen Yinlong established Jiangzhou Media after leaving the Chen Family.


However, he was average and he couldn’t make much progress in the entertainment circle. What really made him lucky and fortunate was his meeting with Jiang Qiyang.




When he met Jiang Qiyang that year, Jiang Qiyang was just a needy student. Because he published two popular songs he attracted Tiayan Entertainment, Chen Yinlong’s company opponent.




But the agent sent by Tianyan Entertainment was short-sighted and he couldn’t see any potential in a poor young student like Jiang Qiyang so he was rejected, offending Jiang Qiyang in this way.




After Chen Yinlong heard about this incident he who was thinking about how to out beat his opponent, so he sent an olive branch and Jiang Qiyang took it. After some time like this, they become acquainted.



Later, Jiang Qiyang got over his troubles more smoothly and he took advantage of his previous memory to invest in two movie emperors in one go.




Until he met Meng Zezhi, his entire investment of 50 million got lost.



Thinking of this, Chen Yinlong smirked.



Later, Jiang Qiyang joined Hollywood in a fit of anger. Chen Yinlong set up a live broadcasting platform under Jiang Qiyang’s instructions.




In just two years, Jiangzhou Media’s dominated the entertainment industry and changed into Jiangzhou Group whose capital and resources were up to Chen Group.



This was all due to the help of Jiang Qiyang.



” What do you think about my new office? Isn’t it more spacious? ”


In the president’s office, Chen Yinlong took two wine glasses and an antique bottle of wine from the wine cabinet and give one to himself and Jiang Qiyang.




” Come on, bro. Let me toast you.”




” Yes, it is, who designed it? ”  Jiang Qiyang looked around and reached out to take a glass that Chen Yinlong offered him.




” Your sister-in-law , she personally designed it.” Chen Yinlong blushed.




Jiang Qiyang smiled playfully:  ” Congratulations, Mr. Chen for fulfilling your wish.”




Chen Yinlong squinted his eyes presently, and raised his wine  for cheers, ” Is not this all thanks to you, otherwise how else I would have gotten a beautiful woman like her.”





After saying this, he drank his wine.



Jiang Qiyaing also tasted his wine, his eyes got brightened after tasting it,” Good wine.”



” I knew you would like it, ” Chen Yinlong said with a smile, ”  It was specially reserved for you, Pomeranian 1957, the oldest Islay whisky in the market, it has been fermented for 43 years in the old sherry oak jar and then in old bourbon oak jar. Then it continued to age for 11 years more before it was introduced in the market. Only twelve bottles were sold in the world at price of US 165000$.”


Bearcub { Me, who never tasted even a simple wine in my entire life @^@}


Jiang Qiyang said in a meaningful way, ” Shao Chen is sure enjoying his life.”



” Because of your halo brother,” Chen Yinlong said with a smile: ” Speaking of which brother, your wealth is also not any less, why don’t you enjoy it. I saw you are always busy at work…”



” I don’t want to, Who will raise the gold-eating beasts in my family?  The money in my hands has not even come that it would be spent again.”  Even though he said that Jiang Qiyang seemed very happy with himself.




” Let us not talk about it, ” Jiang Qiyang raised his glass, ” I cheer Master Chen.  You seemed to be working hard these years in the company in the past two years, I think the next time we will meet be next year. ”




Jiang Qiyang also owns the shares of Jiangzhou Group, and even 15% at it, quite a large lump.




He came to China this time to attend Chen Yinlong’s marriage.




” Why, are you going to leave now? ”  Chen Yinlong inquired, ” You won’t wait for the things to end at Meng Zezhi’s side? ”



” Well, I have already booked this afternoon flight ticket.” Jiang Qiyang said, ” With you, Master Chen here, I am not worried about Meng Zezhi making any trouble. What is more, I have things to deal with in  Los Angeles.”




” Is it your New movie?  ” Chen Yinlong’s eyes brightened. The entire entertainment industry knows that if you will invest in Jiang Qiyang movies it will be a jackpot.


Like his previous project of ” Titanic.”  He invested 100 million, but in a half a  year he got 400 million with a bonus.








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