Chapter: 25.1 Arc-1 Cannon Fodder Is King.



Meng Zezhi took the guest list and flipped it indifferently. There were almost two hundred famous scholars from China and other countries invited.




” No issue.”



” That is done then,” After that, Dean Fu drew a thick bundle of invitation letters from under the table and said pleasantly: ” Yet, I have to bother Professor Meng to please sign your name on these invitations.”





Veins on Meng Zezhi’s forehead throbbed after looking at these splendid invitation letters.




After half an hour when Meng Zezhi came out of the Dean’s office while rubbing his aching wrist, he thought about Zhu Zhengqing.



At this time, his mobile phone rang a bell.




“Hey, where are you? ”



” Hey, are you doing well? ”



They made the two notes at the same time and then quietened down. There were only breathing vibrations. One was clear and the other one was shallow.





” Yeah, I am fine,” Meng Zezhi chortled. His voice was down, hypnotic and soft: ” What about you?  ”




Zhu Zhengqing reached out his hand and patted his ears, which were becoming numb, his eyes glimmering.



Such a sexy voice, and if you do that. . .




He slowly breathed to calm himself and said, ” My grandpa knows about us.”




” Huh? ” Meng Zezhi stalled.




Meng Zezhi recognizes a little about Zhu Zhengqing’s family situation.




Zhu Zhengqing’s parents died when he was a kid. His grandpa raised him and he was his only family. His grandpa is a person of strong character and background.  He was the chairperson and executive secretary of the Ship manufacturing Enterprise Corporation, a senior respected engineer at the scientist level before he retired.






He also had the ” Special Ministry Salary of the State Council.”




After he retired, they gave him ministerial treatment.



Ship manufacturing Industry Corporation is one of the top ten military enterprise groups in China.



In other words, Zhu Zhengqing was raised as a Prince.


” What did he say? ”





Zhu Zhengqing peered up at the old man who was petting a big orange cat in his arms outside the window and sunbathing, and said,” He feigned to be sick and conned me back and wanted to snap my leg.”





Listening to this, Meng Zezhi loosend his tie: ” What happened then?”




” He cant bear to do so.” Zhu Zhengqing said while laughing.





Meng Zezhi breathed a sigh of relief and continued,” Do you want me to meet the old man now? ”





Zhu Zhengqing sighed softly,” No, he is angry now.”



He murmured,” Grandpa thinks you are aged.”



Many more things. . .




Meng Zezhi can guess a little, he smiled and asked slowly,” What do think? ”




Zhu Zhengqing’s heart raced a little,” I don’t despise it.”





He has heard that the men are like pure wine. The longer we brewed them, the more fragrant they turn. He thinks it is very relevant for Meng Zezhi.




” Heh!!” Meng Zezhi grunted, thought very content with Zhu Zhengqing’s perspective: “When are you coming back? ”



Zhu Zhengqing said glumly,” I want to devote a few more days to grandpa at home.”





” Great,” Meng Zezhi acknowledged.






Author Note: 

Meng Zezh: Then  a 70 years old wine will be more fragrant? 









” Qiyang, police have detained Zhang Fangxu!”




Jiang Qiyang, who was filming on the set, now heard the ring tone coming from his mobile phone in the pocket and fetch it up.   Lead performance was partially mediocre, so he immediately shouted on the loudspeaker ,” Cut.   Let’s rest for a while, Han Sheng. Look after them.”





After speaking, he connected his phone and first sentence he heard was above mentioned in a panic voice.




Jiang Qiyang was bewildered for a moment. Visibly, he doesn’t remember who Zhang Fangxu was.





” Zhang Fangxu,”  Chen Yinlong was sad: ” Meng Zezhi’s doctoral scholar pupil was the one who alleged Meng Zezhi of taking his thesis.”






Listening to this, Jiang Qiyang grimaced slightly, his tone unintentionally worried: ” What the hell is going on? ”





Chen Yinlong took a deep breath and explained everything about this matter in details.





Jiang Qiyang was filming his new  movie, and he was busy so he didn’t have any time to pay attention to any domestic or international news.




Secondly, this matter is great in the academic field, common people are not that much interested in it.




” Qiyang, what do you think I should do?”  Perhaps Chen Yinlong has got a support or something else, his trepidation and nervousness dissipated a lot.



He was frightened that , if Zhang Fangxu opened his lips and told about him to police, then government would deal with him.






But, Jiang Qiyang thought more broadly.




To say he and Chen Yinlong are the two grasshoppers on the same rope won’t be wrong





If something cropped up to Chen Yinlong, he would be entangled too.





After all, it was he who presented Chen Yinlong the Neurotoxin that are in Meng Zezhi torso.




Thinking about this, he stood up from his chair and walked to a desolate corner and asked, ” Does Zhang Fangxu learn you are the ringleader behind the scenes? ”




” This …I did this impulsively back then. So I designed someone casually to do this. Unusually, it worked out. I was happy and promoted the person to assistant.”





Had it not that Zhang Fangxu knew about him, why would Chen Yinlong would be so anxious?






Blue Veins popped out on Jiang Qiyang’s forehead,  his pupil tightened  as if he thought of something and he asked warily, ” How long has Zhang Fangxu been arrested? ”




” How much time it has been ? ” Chen Yinlong obviously didn’t know and asked his secretary .




” Three…three hours!!”  the secretary stuttered.







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