Chapter:25.2 Arc-1 Cannon Fodder Is King





“He has been arrested for more than three hours.” Chen Yinlong promptly replied to Jiang Qiyang.





Over three hours.




Jiang Qiyang’s eyes were almost emitting fire due to anger, and he said,” Okay, I got it, don’t worry about it. I will handle it.”






” Great, Great.”  Chen Yinlong was very excited, he believed that Jiang Qiyang must have a solution to this problem,” Brother, just please save me this time and I promise that the next days of my life if you will ask me to go to the east, I will not even look toward the west. . .”



” Ok, Okay,”  Jiang Qiyang cut him off impatiently,” do nothing during this period, stay virtuous and keep your affairs clean, and don’t let anyone take advantage of you in any case.”



” I understand.”





After hanging up, Jiang Qiyang said resolutely to the system:  ” System, Zhang Fangxu, get rid of him for me.”





He couldn’t think of any solution other than this one.




As soon as his voice finished, a mechanical voice rang in his mind: ” Order received, Kill Zhang Fangxu. Two million prestige points will be detected, Are you okay with it? ”




Jiang Qiyang has a grim face, He earned only 1.2 million points when he made the ” Titanic ” movie, He was considering of earning 10 million points and then buying a Golden Gun that doesn’t need bullets from the system Mall.  Now it looks. . .








He grated his teeth and said,” Yes.”




On the other view, The Beijing Public Surveillance Bureau.




” Jiainming, I will leave this case to you. I trained you personally so I don’t think anyone would be better than you. ”




In the director’s office, Song Changming reached out and knocked on the table with a serious face.




Zhou Jianming said violently and thunderously,” I have already stated that Cheif, I cannot handle this case.”







Song Changming was also anxious.  He said while pointing to his head, ” Jianming, do you know why you are still a second-level superintendent while you are working for almost fifteen years, don’t you know something is wrong with your mind? ”






Zhou Jianming rubbed his neck, ” What is incorrect with my brain? I am very okay. You taught me to how to be a police officer, for this you must restrict yourself, don’t misuse your power, perform your duty, stick to the bottom line and implement the law equally….But now, you are actually conveying to me, that I should extort Zhang Fangxu into submission?   And make him agree he was defiling Meng Zezhi. What is this? ”







Song Changming spoke heatedly: “Do you think I want to do this? They have covered the wrongdoings of Meng Zezhi out of the country. If you look at what the newspapers of Korea and Japan are telling about this, it will shame you to death. Soon the report session will be held and experts and professors from all over the world will come to China. we can still neglect this domestic brutality case, but if we do not clear up this academic extortion case, rival countries will create trouble. China will be so ashamed to the entire world. ”






So just because of this, does Zhang Fangxu has to take the blame even if he is the victim for the rest of his life? ”  Zhou Jianming glared at his boss incredulously: ” He worked hard for 20 years and finally graduated with Ph.D. Now his bright prospect is all shattered because of Meng Zezhi.

As soon as Goldbach’s  Conjecture came out, his degree was revoked his prospect and prestige were also gone.



Director, Zhang Fangxu is clearly oppressed___”




” I perceive this, how could I not know,”  Song Changming looked very helpless,” The government will look upon him very well when this matter is over. He will be moved abroad, and it has also given 30 million yuan to him. It is enough money for him to change his name and live a cheerful life. That’s 30 million, many individuals cannot have this much wealth in their entire life.”






” Is it the same? ” Zhou Jianming said indignantly.





” So what if it is different? ”

Song Changming said,” The reputation of the country or the reputation of Zhang Fangxu, yo choose it yourself.”




After saying this, he left the office.




Zhou Jianming was alone in the office, facing the empty counter, his face was turning blue to white and white to blue, so colorful.




After a while, he picked up his police cap and stood up.






He cussed secretly and booted the desk several times to vent his anger and as a result with a bang Song changming’s Precious Purple Clay vessel fell to the ground and broke into several pieces.







Zhou Jianming then walked out of the office.





” Brother Zhou.” Xiao Zheng echoed quietly while waiting outside the door.



Zhou Jianming wore his cap adjusted it on his head and said expressionlessly,” Get Zhang Fangxu to the Interrogation Room No.3. I am going to smoke a cigarette.”



” Understood.”




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