Chapter 25.3 Arc-1 Cannon fodder is king



After Zhou Jianming returned from smoking, his subordinate Xiao Zheng  had been waiting in the interrogation room with Zhang Fangxu for some time.





Zhou Jianming hardly dared to look at Zhang Fangxu. He opened his mouth to interrogate but couldn’t speak.






Even after waiting for a long time, Zhou Jianming didn’t even speak anything, seeing this Xiao Zheng glanced at him and sighed in his heart.





After that, he calmly asked,” Name? ”



” Zhang Fangxu.”



” Gender? ”


” Male.”       [ Bearcub: I think gender was already obvious.]




” Home address? ”





After going through these procedures, Xiao Zheng raised his hand and tapped on the desk: “Let’s talk about it, why did you slander Professor Meng for stealing your papers? ”




” You are talking nonsense, it’s obviously Meng Zezhi who stole my research results. Why didn’t you arrest him?   On top of everything you arrested me instead.” Zhang Fangxu said bitterly because he knew that at this moment he can only accuse Meng Zezhi, only in this way he will be safe.





Xiao Zheng was so busy taking notes, that he had no time to observe Zhang Fangxu’s expression.




As for Zhou Jianming, he was not in a state to observe anything at all.





” So you are saying, Professor Meng, stole your research papers? ”   Xiao Zheng sneered,” He is a Professor who can even prove Goldbach’s conjecture, and why does he need to steal the research results of a student like you? Is he crazy or stupid? ”




” When he was two years ago. . . ”



” Also,” Xiao Zheng interrupted him without hesitation, ” Most people do research privately for fear of being copied and known by others, but you not only publicize your research in the circle of your friends and fellows but even you showed them the first draft of the papers. Like you wanted everyone to know about the content of your research. According to our investigation, you published a thesis when you were doing master’s but you have never been so high profile as now. Why?  ”







” It wasn’t. .”





Xiao Zheng didn’t even give him a chance to speak at all and continued to ask,” To consider just these two points we have every preseason to suspect you that you have premeditated theft of Professor Meng research results and then for some ulterior motives planting him.”







The countermeasures he had thought of were all blocked by Xiao Zheng.  He guessed the truth again and again. Zhang Fangxu who had a guilty conscience and no acting skills got instantly panicked.






Considering the video that has to be shown to public  in the early stages has already been recorded , Xiao Zheng raised his head to control the mouse to turn off the camera in the interrogation room.




And when he was preparing to persuade Zhang Fangxu to admit his fate, he didn’t expect to see the nervously twisting hands of Zhang Fangxu in front of him .




Is he nervous and panicked?



Why does he is feeling nervous?



Shouldnt he be angry?



After all they are turning black and white.




Suddenly an absured idea suddenly flashed in Xiao Zheng mind.




Percieving Xiao Zheng gaze, Zhang Fanxu froze and he swallowed inadvertently.  Although he adjusted himself immediately these minor details didn’t escape Xiao Zheng eyes.




Xiao Zheng squinted his eyes contemplative. While manipulating the mouse to turn on the camera again, he reached out and pushed Zhou  Jianming next to him.





Zhou Jianming came back to his sense, followed Xiao Zheng gaze and looked at Zhang Fangxu, who seemed to be looking at the two of them, but in face his gaze was not focused at all and his breathing was slow.





Is he in a guilty conscience?




Thinking of this, Zhou Jianming was taken aback first and them color of his face changed suddenly.




He sat up atttentively, his eyes focused on Zhang Fangxu, his thoughts was clearing at a rapid speed, then he said in a low and majestic voice that was full of oppression: ” Xiao Zheng, call someone to investigate the illness of Zhang Fangxu father.”




Then he looked at Zhang Fangxu,” I suddenly remembered that you said your father was ill and had uremia and he had spent all his family savings, so you was forced to receive 60,000 Yuan in compensation from Meng Zezhi.  But as far as I know, 60,000 Yuan can only support your dad’s dialysis for one year at maximum. And your mom, the money she earns from small jons throughout the year is spent on your education. How can she be able to afford your father’s medical expenses then?

And clothes on you. . ”




Zhang Fangxu was shaken,   don’t mess anything , don’t . .




He tried his best to calm himself down but still there was a cold sweat on his forehead involuntarily.



” No, it’s not…”





Seeing Zhang Fangxu reaction, Zhou Jianming heart felts cold, and he actually guessed it right.


So for whom he was fighting so hard with director in the office now?





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