Chapter: 38.2 This tragic online game boss (6.2)






[Why am I in the guest room? ]



You Huang:  [ Do I need to recall it for you? ]




[No need.]






Xie Chenyang rubbed his face and said in a trance: [ This must be the mischief of my wife.]





A moment ago, he was in the master bedroom.





Wei Xiu created a distance between them and said, [ I recall that the first time you saw me you felt I am long-winded, wouldn’t it be too shallow to believe the love at first sight.]









” No. . .’



” Then you agree to be wrong? ”




” Our relationship advancement is too fast. Let us develop our feelings first, so you would sleep in the guest room.”




Xie Chenyang expressed anxiously,” There is no need to develop, Our feelings are already very in-depth!”




Wei Xiu looked at him sternly.





Xie Chenyang took a halt and said, ” Maybe your affection is not that deep but mine is already very profound!!”




” Rest in the guest room okay? ”



” No.”



” Just for a  few days, then you can roll in later.”




Wei Xiu leaned toward him and whispered in his ear; ” Rest in the guest room, yeah? Husband? ”




” ….good.”




So, that is how Xie Chenyang is in the guest room.




Xie Chenyang’s teeth felt very prickly and he wanted to bite something.





[My darling has become crafty now!!]




[ I am so mad.]  Xie Chenyang punched the bed a few times and then smiled,[ Ah Huang, Did you listen to that, he said to me  husband.]




[ This is the first time ever he named me Husband  ah!!]




You Huang: [ Get lost.]







The matter is, After Xie Chenyang exited the bedroom, Wei Xiu concealed his face in the quilt, and his face and ears all blushed.




It is really wild.




Xie Chenyang  is young and vigorous and he is so sick since the first time they met.

Wei Xiu is sure that if they really slept together, Xie Chenyang would definitely do more intimate things.




But he just discharged from the hospital and he need rest.




Besides, the matter of  Xie family parents have not been solved yet. . .






Although they met not long ago, Wei Xiu knew that if he said it directly Xie Chenyang would have never agreed to go to the guest room.







That is why when was asking Xie Chenyang to sleep in the guest room he  inexplicably remembered that he heard the secretary talking to someone, ” As long as I say him Husband coquettishly he will promise me anything.”






These were the words of the secretary.



Therefore when Xie Chenyang firmly disagreed, he suddenly said him husband and Xie Chenyang really got fascinated and left.





Wei Xiu raised his head  and whispered in a low voice,” It proved out to be . . . really helpful.”


In the evening,



Aunt Xu prepared the dinner and informed them to eat.






Xie Chenyang saw that she is taking her leave and asked,” Aunt Xu, wouldn’t you eat with us? ”



” No, I will eat with my family.” Aunt Xu grinned and said,” You guys have dinner, if something doesn’t fit your taste, please let me understand when I am back.”




After that she left.





Xie Chenyang asked,” How would she go back? ”



Wei Xiu picked up the chopsticks :  ” I provided her a car for pick and drop and buy groceries.”




” Oh,” Xie  Chenyang looked at the stewed fise and meat in the dishes and said, ” I want to eat these too.’





Wei Xiu,” No, when your digestive system is working good, then you eat whatever you want, but not now.”




Xie Chenyang said again ,” Just a little bit. .. ”




” No, ”   Wei Xiu put down his chopsticks,” If you want it, then I will go to kitchen to eat and you can eat yours here.”




Xie Chenyang took a deep breath and said,” Forget it, you can eat them.”









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