Chapter: 38.3 Arc-3 The Cold Palace Neighbors





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Don’t know where did she get the courage, Ning Zhiqing directly looked at Axin, hugged her with both arms, and enclosed her lips.




Axin didn’t stop her.


Axin felt the same familiar breath, she didn’t feel any disgust or repulsiveness but the feeling of rejoicing and happiness on intimacy with her.




Their fragrances exchanged, and no one pushed reached other until Ning Zhiqing remembered her primary purpose so she reluctantly let her go. She boldly stared at Axin’s eyes but she was very nervous.





” As you saw . . ” Ning Zhiqing said while holding Axin’s hands tightly and she was not willing to let them go. She was afraid Axin will leave as soon as she let her go.




Axin smiled lightly,” What did I see? ”




” I kissed you.”  Ning Zhiqing said, her voice louder this time, ” Axin, I kissed you.”


Ning Zhiqing looked at Axin with red eyes, and her tears flowed again.


God knows how much she likes this person.



How passionate and afraid she is to show her feelings to her.




She is so afraid that the other side will be disgusted,” Do you know why I kissed you?  You are a woman, and me too. But I kissed you not only do I kiss you now, I want to kiss you every day, but that is also not enough. I want to kiss you to death.”





” Kiss me to death? ” Axin touched her lips with her finger, it was obviously a casual movement, but it seemed deadly attractive to Ning Zhiqing. She pressed her lips,” Yeah, I want to kiss you to death.”




Axin smiled after hearing this,” Why? ”




” Why are you asking for so many reasons, I just want to kiss you.”  Ning Zhiqing got a little unruly now, ” I don’t know how many times I have thought of tieing you up and kissing you so that you won’t leave me.”






The gentle smile on Axin’s face never disappeared. She found this soul so cute that she wanted to kiss me to death.



However, her soul also seems to be excited after hearing this sentence and there seems like a huge force trying to break through her body.




Ning Zhiqing saw Axin is still laughing and felt very wrong, ” You didn’t show any disgusted expression I am relieved to see that, but you are so disappointed that you are vehemently mocking me? ”






” Who said I am laughing at you? ”   Axin dried Ning Zhiqing’s tears, cradled the other person’s back of the head and kissed the corner of her eyes, and said smilingly, ” I discovered that I also love to kiss Zhiqing.”





Ning Zhiqing:  ” …”  What did Axin say?




” Ah, Axin, what did you say just now? ”




” I also like Zhiqing very much.”




Ning Zhiqing’s eyes widened with shock and she asked Axin, ” Axin, tell me why do you think so? ”




” Just like it, why are you asking so much why.”  Axin said, liking is liking, there is no why, didn’t Zhiqing just say this now?





Ning Zhiqing pursed her lips gently and hugged Axin and whispered,” Don’t you hate me? ”



” Why do I hate you? ”





” Then, When I kissed you, how do you feel? ”




” Naturally, It is physically and mentally pleasurable.”





Ning Zhiqing smiled with tears in her eyes, ” Axin, do you like me, right? ”







” Like?”  Axin froze for a moment in a shock , is this like?






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