Chapter 38.4 Arc-3 The cold palace neighbors




Before she could say anything,she heard Ning Zhiqing crying voice, ” Axin, I really like you. I have always been so afraid to show you my heart and feelings, I was afraid that after knowing my thoughts you will think I am dirty and you will ignore me.”





I like you. I have loved you for a long time but I dare not show you, I am afraid of losing you; I am afraid that You will hate me and will leave me spite of everything. I have a feeling that even if I am Queen mother, can control life and death of countless people but I won’t be able to keep you if you have decided to leave. Let alone this palace, I cannot trap you at all. I can’t bear to force you, I don’t want to hurt you.”







” I won’t leave Zhiqing ever.”




Axin gently patted the back of Ning Zhiqing, comforted her, ” I will accompany you to the end of your life.”





Ning Zhiqing cried even more, this time she was crying not because of worry or sadness but because of happiness.




Even if Axin didn’t like me, she is willing to accompany me throughout my life, and that is enough to make her happy. 





But she wants more. .



” Axin, I like you, do you like me too? ”  She asked nervously.



When Ning Zhiqing said she liked her, Axin naturally understood, what she meant by liking and she also couldn’t the strong love that came from her heart and soul.





So this time, she looked at Ning Zhiqing eyes, besides warmth and gentleness there was undying love in her eyes, as if it existed there for a long time, a very long time. .




” Yes, I like you.”  It is love even.  Axin smiled and didn’t say much.



She really has a deep connection with this soul. Has anything happened between them before?



She feels like, she have loved this soul for a long time, so long that her memories are obscured, and only deep love have left.




And she has also awakened because of this soul, She didn’t go deeper in it, all she wanted was to accompany this soul to the end of her life, then she will fell into slumber and woke up again and would meet her. .






” Axin. . .”   Ning Zhiqing couldn’t believe, she wanted to ask more, clarify more but when she looked at the other person’s eyes, she got surrounded by burning love, there was no need to ask anymore, those eyes are already full of love for her.



It is love. 



Axin seemed in love with her. 


Ning Zhiqing eyes got wet, why didn’t she find it before?




” Let us be together.” Ning Zhiqing hugged Axin waist and Axin also hugged her.





The hugged each other so tight as if they are one.


” In this deep palace, we will enjoy the honor together and will grow old together.”




” Okay,” Axin replied.





After they made vows, Ning Zhiqng said first and wanted to get up,” We have been in the bath for a long time,let’s go first.”




” Is Zhiqing being serious? ,” Axin looked at Ning Zhiqing with a teasing smile in her eyes. ” Zhiqing wants to dress up and leave here immediately? ”








It’s terrible.




Ning Zhiqing secretly cursed, this seductive fairy is so arousing, want people to die for her.

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