Chapter 39.1 Arc-3 The cold palace neighbors



” Then, then should we wash again? Bubble bath? ” Ning Zhiqing looked around to distract herself.




Axin whispered, ” Zhiqing thinks the flowers in the bath are better looking than me? ”




” No, no, You look good, you look very good, you look more beautiful than them.”



” Zhiqing is also beautiful.”




Axin moved to Ning Zhiqing and said teasingly,” Zhiqing are you shy? You are blushing, You don’t want with me? ”




” I, I am excited.” Ning Zhiqing retorted she was not shy.




” Zhiqing seems to be ignorant.”




Ning Zhiqing: What, what does that mean?





” I will teach you.”















After a very long time, the two got out of the bath together their cheeks unusually red.  Ning Zhiqing was not as shy as before, she was holding Axin’s hand tightly and was not willing to let it go.


” Miss Lin Xin, you are so multi-talented, proficient in all kinds of art. You really deserve to be the first talented woman in Beijing. ”






” The Empress Dowager is also a talented and good student and learned as soon as I teach you.”





” The Ai family was born in the mountains and lacking a lot of knowledge in many areas and will like to learn from Miss Lin in the future.”







” At the Queen mother’s orders, I dare not disobey.”




The court lady waiting outside heard Ning Zhiqing’s instructions and hastily brought the clothes in without daring to raise her head.

Ning Zhiqing asked them to put them on the side.








The two picked up eachother clothes and helped each other wear them sweetly.



Their movements were so skilled like they have done this before many times.



After dressing up, the two looked at each other, dried their hair and then went out together after getting readying.






” The Aijia really liked the concubine bath.”





” In the future Aijia will bath in the concubine Lin place, so take some clean clothes of mine and arrange them in Mrs.Lin.”






” Yes, Queen Mother.”




Ning Zhiqing sat on the sofa with all smile on her face.

” Ready a meal, Aijia will eat here at concubine Lin place. Ajia feels very comfortable here.”


They have a great dinner together.




Recently everyone in the palace knows that the Queen Mother is in a particularly pleasant mood. Even if someone made mistake accidentally, the Queen Mother would not blame them and would tell them to be careful in the future.”






God, the Empress Dowgar who is so majestic in the court look so gentle when she is smiling!




After Ning Zhiqing listened to the court from the back curtains, the palace people had long forgotten the former Ning Guifei, only things they remember now is a terrible woman who can control the life and death of thousands and the one who has control in the court and politics. So normally when they are walking near Ning Zhiqing, they would walk as lighter than possible and wouldn’t even dare to catch a breath.




They never imagined that the Empress Dowgar would be as gentle as they saw today.




Attentive people have already discovered that Empress Dowgar is happy when she in the concubine Lin palace, she won’t be angry there no matter what. That is why people understood that the Empress Dowgar attached great importance to the Miss Lin.




At first, the Empress Dowgar said concubine Lin bath was good so she would bathe there. Now she also said that, she had a good appetite there so when would ear there in the future.





And after some days, the Empress Dowgar stopped her people from following her inside the concubine Lin palace and did not come out that night.






The next morning, the Empress Dowgar came out with a happy smile and a rosy face.  They thought she must have a good night there.


From that night on, the Empress Dowgar rested in the Concubine Lin palace every night.





No one was surprise, they only thought that Concubine Lin is powerful that she could get the trust of the Queen Mother.










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