Chapter 39.2 Arc-3 The cold palace neighbors





” Zhiqing is really getting arrogant in this palace.”




Ning Zhiqing raised her chin and said proudly,” Aijia is the Empress Dowager, why can’t I be arrogant? ”






” It is hot today, ask people to prepare some refreshing summer soup in the afternoon.”




” Yes, I know. Rest assured, I can take care of myself.” Ning Zhiqing pushed away the small couch between them and sat closer to Axin,” Axin, in a few days, let’s go out to some cool places to escape the heat, We have not been out of the palace since we entered you see.  So would you like to go out and see it? ”




Axin raised her eyebrows,” Do you have any other purpose? ”





” Sigh, I can’t hide anything from you.” Ning Zhiqing smilingly hugged Axin and kissed her on the cheek. ” Naturally I want to spend time with Axin alone. There are people everywhere in the palace, which is so bothersome. ”


Now she is in power so she is not afraid of exposing their relationship but that would be a lot of trouble.  Axin likes to be quiet. She also doesn’t want to bother Axin with these trivial things.





” Then let’s go.”



In the next few days, Ning Zhiqing dumped the court matter to the little Emperor Helian Fu, and under Helian Fu’s resentful eyes, she took Axin to the Spring Villa.”






And the people who followed them there were all their own people who knew about the relationship between them. In the summer resort, the two really lived happy life for some time. ”






On the other side, Helian Fu who was handling the court matters also wanted to go to the Summer resort to see how enjoyable it is that the Queen Mother and the Concubine Lin did not return even after a month.




Don’t forget the fact that he is not even ten years old, and he has to handle so many political affairs every day and listen to these ministers on top of everything weather is so hot. He was really grieving in his heart.




After a lot of hardships, he also rushed toward the summer resort.





Knowing that the two didn’t like to be disturbed by many people, he went alone there.

Unexpectedly …he just happened to witness the scene where Ning Zhiqing kissed Axin who was sleeping on the wicker chair and the little emperor froze on the spot.




He was so stunned and didn’t know what to do so he just stood still.




Ning glanced back and Helian Fu quickly turned to cover his face, ” Queen Mother, I didn’t see anything.”





” Okay, if you didn’t see then, Aijia won’t dig your eyes.”


Ning Zhiqing doesn’t care at all, her relationship with Axin will be known to people around them eventually, She has been preparing for this all along since the day she knew about her feelings. No one can hinder her from being with Axin, no one can.





Who dares to hinder her? She will punish whoever did so.




She chuckled this is the beauty of power, she could protect the people she wanted to protect.





” Is there a problem? ”




Helian Fu turned around and took a deep breath to calm himself.  The scene just now was really overthrowing his perception.




He glanced secretly at Axin and Ning Zhiqing found him doing so she hurriedly blocked his sight and looked at him fiercely, scaring him so much that his heart was going to pop out.





The Queen Mother is getting scarier.



 I am so scared.




Helian Fu patted his chest repeatedly to calm himself and said in a weak voice,” Queen Mother, I am nine years old this year.”




I am still a child!!



” Then? ”




” I have to get up so early every day and be slobbered by a group of old foxes. Their criticism is higher than I am.” Helian Fu pulled his loose robe in front of him, ” The belt is also wide.”




” Queen Mother, When will you return to the palace? ”   Helian Fu asked pitifully with some expectations, his small eyes looked at Ning Zhiqing with brightness, if he has a tail it would have been shaking high.




Ning Zhiqing wanted to tease him, ” Why are grieving here, How good it is to be an emperor, this is the power that many people’s wants.”




” Queen Mother, I think it is better if we would share this supreme power together.” Helian Fu said seriously, looking at Ning Zhiqing he was about to cry.


He is really just a child, still growing up, working so hard every day, he certainly won’t be able to grow tall.


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