Chapter 25.4 Arc-1 Cannon Fodder Is King




Blame him for being so narrow-minded and for believing in the outside rumors and having already the idea after listening to Chief to let Zhang Fangxu admit the crime.






He almost believed that Zhang Fangxu was the victim.





But it is not the time to think about these matters now, Zhou Jianming took a deep breath to calm himself, ” Who instructed you to do this? ”




“No, clearly it was Meng Zezhi who stole my papers.”  Zhang Fangxu repeated the same thing again and again as if he has lost his senses and confidence.







” According to Article 6 of our country’s Criminal Law, whoever steals the educational achievements and other commercial secrets and causes severe damage shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of at least three years to seven years and also fined too. ”







Zhou Jianming continued in a cold voice, “There is also the crime of false accusation in the Criminal Law, if a person seriously damages the interest of other and cause serious consequences shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years to ten years. Plus another crime of defamation. These three crimes will be charged against you and no one will protect you and you can tell whether the judge will give the lighter sentence or the heavier sentence. Zhang Fangxu you have worked hard for 21 years before you came to this point. I don’t think you would like to spend the rest of your life in prison!!”






Go to jail? 




Zhang Fangxu’s lips trembled and he had a look of horror on his face.







Zhou Jianming refused to give up and continued, “Zhang Fangxu it is difficult for your parents to raise you to this day. If you live in prison for over ten or twenty years, how many years do you think they can wait for you outside? ”




Zhang Fangxu’s expression turned complicated, and he was obviously shaken by Zhou Jianming’s words.




Moreover, Xiao Zheng opened the door and walked in, destroying the last bit of courage in his heart.










He said,” Brother Zhou, We found out.  For the past two years, Zhang’s father has been living in the high-level ward of the city hospital.  Medical expenses are directly credited to the hospital account from an unknown card number. The investigation department is tracing this card number. Soon the report will be presented by them. ”





Hearing this, Zhou Jianming slapped on the table and shouted, “Zhang Fangxu how would you explain this? Can’t you say the truth now? ”









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