Chapter 26.1 Arc-1 Cannon Fodder Is King.

Zhang Fangxu was frightened and he trembled and said incoherently, ” I, I will say. . . I was also forced by my dire situation, my father was sick and he had uremia and the family had already spent all their savings to treat him.I didn’t want to drop out of school.  At that time the surname Liu came to me. He wanted me to follow Meng Zezhi and grab his research results. At that time Meng Zezhi was in a bad state of mind. My classmates and other colleagues don’t really like contacting him. So no one knew what he was researching at that time. . ”



“Who is the Surname Liu that you mentioned? ”





“Liu, Last name. . ” At this moment, Zhang Fangxu suddenly covered his heart and vomited blood. .I . .I ”





“What happened? ”





By seeing this sudden change, Zhou Jianming and others got tense and got up from their chairs and ran toward him.




Before they reached him, Zhou Jianming had already knocked his head on the wooden board in front of him and there came no other sound.





“Zhang Fangxu, Zhang Fangxu? ”  Zhou Jianming quickly held him up and reached out to check his breath.



He couldn’t feel any breath from his nose, Zhou Jianming face changed visibly to the naked eye, and he said with difficulty: “He is out of breath!!”




Zhang Fangxu died in the interrogation room of the Police Station.



Don’t know who revealed the news, but it caused an uproar in the country.



[. . .]



[ WTF?  Good people’s lives are so short. The front foot enters and the back foot is already gone. ]



[…Is it killing, killing, killing people? ]





[ The government is being too much. Does it really have to kneel and lick Meng Zezhi’s feet like this? ]





[ Open the door and check the water meter, upstairs.]






[ I have heard that Zhang Fangxu is the only child in the family his father has uremia and his mother is too old and has little financial strength. Now that Zhang Fangxu is dead, how can the old couple live!!]






[ After twenty-seven years of hard work and finally their son become a doctorate student from Beijing University. Even if mathematics is a popular major, the annual salary is at least 100,000 yuan after graduation.  Finally, the hard days of the family were coming to an end. And now the son is no more. . ]



[ The Beijing Public Security Bureau must give an explanation to the people.]




[ What kind of country face do they need?  As long as government severely punishes Meng Zezhi, it will be all fair. ]




[ Yes.  ]









Just as the discussion among the people was in full heat, the person involved in the incident, the official website of the Beijing Public Security Bureau updated two Weibos one after another.






The title is only one sentence: Zhou Fangxu accused Meng Zezhi of stealing the paper.






A Video followed.






The video was not too long, only six minutes in total.





” . . . You said that your father was ill, had uremia and he spent all his family savings but the clothes on you, the price is not cheap, right?”



” ..I . .”



” He is out of breath!!”



The video came to an end after that.




There was a long moment of silence in the comments areas.




[ I don’t know why, I can suddenly feel a burning pain on my face. .]




[ I am fine, my face doesn’t hurt too, but I don’t know why I feel like a monkey.]





[ For the first time I felt like I am really stupid.]




[ Well, Can I really take back the words I said to my stomach? ]




[ Don’t say anything, I am looking for a wall to hit myself.]





[The one upstairs, take me with you.]






[ I cannot believe that there is a coincidence like this. The thing is, Meng Zezhi proved Goldbach’s conjecture on the front foot, Zhang Fangxu was arrested on the back foot and then, Meng Zehi changed from the perpetrator to the victim.   I admire this white-washing posture.]





[ I also think, it is too coincidental!]





[ And you guys did not find out when the video reached 10: 03: 32,  there was a skip section, then there was something wrong with Zhang Fangxu, so the question is, What happened during this period of time? ]





[ Thinking about it, it is really scary, anyway, Zhang Fangxu is dead, and turning the black and white is not under the authority of the Beijing Public Security Bureau.]



[Wait, why others are not talking about it? ]





[ Face is still hurting, if I get hit again, it would be swollen.]





[ I originally wanted to share my opinion, but when I saw the above comment, I choose to shut my mouth.]




While they were discussing, the Beijing Public Security Bureau posted another Weibo.




[Beijing Public Security Bureau 2019-1-213: 53: 02

Recently, Zhang Fangxu accused Meng Zezhi of looting his paper has attracted widespread attention from netizens. The Beijing Public Security Bureau earnestly asserts here.




One: The Beijing Public Security Bureau enforces the basic policy of legal construction that there are laws to follow, we must follow laws, law enforcement must be strict, and we must investigate violations of the law.


Here, all police officers of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, with party guarantees that Meng Zezhi was accused falsely by Zhang Fangxu of stealing his research papers. During the investigation of this matter of seizing his papers, the law was enforced impartially from beginning to end, without any partiality.




2: Regarding the unforeseen death of Zhang Fangxu in the No. 3 Interrogation Room of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, there is a video as evidence to confirm that the person who participated in the case did not violate regulations and does not accept any responsibility.


In addition, the Beijing Public Security Bureau has contacted the family of the departed and will entrust eight units including the Municipal Hospital, the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Military Hospital to operate a joint autopsy at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The autopsy report will be announced afterward.




Attached documents:


#Necropsy Confirmation#



Beijing Public Security Bureau January 2, 2019]







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