Chapter 26.4 Arc-1 Cannon Fodder Is King.

After finishing saying this, he seemed to be depressed and wilted.



Even If he is unwilling, what else can he do?


He has no other choice left but to surrender his head to Meng Zezhi.




” Yes, I will plan.”  The manager left in a hurry.





Now is not the time to be discouraged, it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years.




Chen Yinlong took a deep breath, picked up his phone, and continue to observe the mess on Weibo.






After the news came out, the reports seems to go crazy and started interviewing teachers and students of Beijing University.





” You said, Professor Meng? We spent some years together in the same office. How to say. . a very good person king, humble, not arrogant and good looking. If he was not married at that time I would have chased him back then. Later we were all promoted to Professors, and we had our own offices. Although we were separated the friendship was still there. Whenever we were free, we would gather for a meal or something. . .


Alas, after some time, he changed suddenly without knowing what happened. He seems to get angry at little things and sometimes started hitting people crazily.  Things got serious like this and we alienated each other. Now I think about his change, his behaviors at that time were indeed wrong. .”



” I met professor Meng in February 2016. At that time, my postgraduate entrance examination results were just high enough to get admission to the Department of mathematics of Beijing University. Because I was interested in number theory, I wanted to find Professor Meng as a mentor, so I went to him meet him before the interview. Professor Meng gave me a good first impression, very nice and approachable.




When the interview results came out, I successfully became a graduate student under his name. As a result, less than a month after enrolling he scolded me for making a little mistake. This kind of thing not only happened to me but also to other colleagues. Later as we got more scolded we didn’t like to face him so we gave Zhang Fangxu a chance to come forward. . ”




[ So cruel!!]


[ What kind of psychotoxin is it that can turn a humble and polite University Professor into an explosive and irritable domestic violent man? ]





[Originally, I wanted to say that, even if Meng Zezhi is innocent in thesis stealing but he is still a wife-beating scumbag. but seeing this, I silently closed my mouth.]




[Let me sort out the ins and out of the whole incident.  First, Chen Yinlong and Xu Jiaqing got married. In the early morning of the second day, Zhang Fangxu accused Profesor Meng of stealing his research results on the Jiangzhou broadcast. Netizens were in a furor. And over two dozen celebrities under the name of Jiangzhou Media, including the movie Emperor, reposted Zhang Fangxu Weibo and commented to support him. Other celebrities also followed the suit, and the incident fermented further.




At about one in the afternoon, the official blog of Beijing University published an article to support Professor Meng Zezhi, two hours later, the “Chinese Journal of Mathematics” retracted his research that was published. Professor Meng’s domestic violence and the miscarriage of his ex-wife, the newly married wife of Jiangzhou Group President Chen Yinglong, Xu Jiaqing, were exposed, and the public’s remarks against Professor Meng became unbearable.

Following Chen Yinglong, he bowed to the reporters and begged them not to expose his wife’s scars. While setting up the scandal of Professor Meng’s domestic violence, he also won praise for himself. It is said that because of this incident, that afternoon. , Jiangzhou Group’s stock rose by 0.4%. Later, the news that Professor Meng proved Goldbach’s conjecture came out..]



[ Sure enough, Jiangzhou is behind it.]



[ It is so relatable that we can never know what is in the other person’s heart]




[ I will share two photos with you. The shooting time was in June of the previous year and the location was Yanjiang Park. At that time, I thought the couple was a very lovey dove so I secretly took the photo.]




#Chen Yinlong and Xu Jiaqing walking along the bank of the river#




#Chen Yinlong picks the fallen leaves on Xu Jiaqing’s hair, front photo#



[ In June of the previous year, Professor Meng hadn’t divorced Xu Jiaqing at that time, right? ]




[Fu8k, it turned out to be an adulterous couple.]



[Seriously, I heard that Chen Yinglong said at the wedding that he and Xu Jiaqing had a childhood sweetheart and had a crush on her for over ten years. Since Xu Jiaqing got married, he has been single. He was still alone at thirty-eight, and I cried. . Now I know the truth, hehe, it’s sickening to me.]



[I think Xu Jiaqing should really love Professor Meng. Think about it. If Xu Jiaqing had hooked up with Chen Yinglong long ago, then two years ago, when Professor Meng had committed domestic violence against her for the first time, She should divorce Professor Meng along the way, but she didn’t. She was beaten for two years and finally divorced Professor Meng because the child was gone.]



[…It makes sense. 】

[With my many years of experience watching dog blood soap operas, I might as well guess that after Xu Jiaqing got married, Chen Yinglong still didn’t give up, but Xu Jiaqing loved Professor Meng so much that Chen Yinglong couldn’t dig a corner, so I didn’t stop doing it and gave it to Professor Meng. The poison caused him to run into the intimate scene between him and Xu Jiaqing. After being poisoned, Professor Meng was violent and beat Xu Jiaqing. Xu Jiaqing, who had been beaten for two years, confronted Professor Meng after her child was beaten in her stomach. Completely dead, Chen Yinglong entered and snatched Xu Jiaqing away. In this way, Chen Yinglong was still not satisfied and instructed Zhang Fangxu to jump out and accuse Professor Meng of stealing his paper, in order to use public opinion to completely destroy Professor Meng. 】

Seeing this, Chen Yinglong’s heart was throbbing, and his heart became more and more disturbed.

Without thinking about it, he continued to scroll down.



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