Chapter 44.1 ARC-4 This Quick Transmigration Experience is a bit Sweet ( QTEBIS)



Zhong Yuan touched his pocket to find a handkerchief but couldn’t find the pocket at all.

He cursed under his breath, and then gently wiped the running nose with his sleeve.


Qi Dongjun was stunned silly after being wiped his nose, he blushed for a while and whispered in a low voice, ” Daddy..”



Qi Hanguang who was standing behind them at a distance watched their interaction.



Though he couldn’t see the new lady’s expression, from his gentle movements he can guess that he must be someone who likes children. His heart warmed up a little, and the smile on his face was a bit more real and his handsome face become more radiant.




The bride’s mama was afraid that the auspicious moment will be missed, so she said, ” Madam, let’s go.”



Zong Yuan retracted his sleeve and rubbed the viscous liquid of his son’s nose against Qi Hanguang mercilessly saying, ” Please general, you lead.”



Qi Hagnuang  who didn’t have any clue that Zong Yuang had smacked his son’s nose on his arms, smiled and wanted his wife to go first, ” Madam please first you.”




The ger who is raised by the prime minister seems to be different, generous, bold and careful.



Qi Dongjun pulled the corner of Zhong Yuan’s clothes and said in a very well-behaved way, ” Daddy, my name is Jun’er.”



Qi Dongjing also followed the elder brother and said in a milky sweet voice,


” My name is Jing’er.”



Zong Yuan’s expression softened hearing them, ” Well, I will remember your names, then let us get to know each other more when we will go in, okay? ”



The two little buns answered happily, ” Okay!!”



The guard picked up the two buns and followed the crowd.



Qi Dongjun covered his blushing face and said ” Daddy is so gentle!!”



” He wiped my nose for me!!”



Qi Dongjing pouted grievingly, ” Daddy, didn’t wipe it for me.”





Qi Dongjun gave his younger brother a wonderful tip, ” Then you have to get a runny nose soon to let daddy wipe it for you.”



Qi Dongjing nodded seriously and cutely.




Qi Hanguang is an orphan, so he didn’t have to bow down to his parents so the wedding ceremony was completed very quickly. It was getting dark now, the lights in the General mention were brightly lit.




Qi Hanguang wanted to send Zong Yuang into the bedroom so he said,


” Madam please go back and rest.”



Zong Yuan sneered, ” Why can’t I join in the Wine drinking banquet? ”




Qi  Hanguang smiled and said, “Gers’ drinking capacity is always bad.”



” Weird thing, ” Zong Yuan said, ” Why don’t I know about it? ”
















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